BoB Swavlamban Credit Card | Highlights & Benefits

With the BoB Swavlamban Credit Card, you can earn reward points every time you swipe the card—Bank of Baroda Swavlamban Credit Card Annual Fee Rs.250.

BoB Swavlamban Credit Card

The annual fee is waived if you meet the requirements of the milestone expenses. They will launch the Baroda Credit Card bank very soon. We will inform you when it launches.

Bank of Baroda Swavlamban Credit


The highlights of a credit card are:

  • Get four reward points for every Rs 100 you spend on a credit card.
  • You get free personal accident death protection.
  • Get a 1% fuel surcharge exemption when you purchase fuel at any petrol station in India.
  • You can use up to 105% of the card credit limit without an over-limit charge.

Features and Benefits

Bank of Baroda Swavlamban Credit Card’s Features and Benefits Below:

Benefits of Reward Points
  • Get 4 Reward Points for every Rs 100 you spend on the Bank of Baroda Swavlamban Credit Card.
Milestone Benefits 
  • When you spend Rs 2,500 within 60 days of setting up a credit card, the first-year fee is reversed by Rs 250.
  • The annual fee will be deducted if you spend Rs 12,000 in a year.
Add-on Card Benefits 
  • You get a maximum of 3 add-on credit cards.
  • You can use add-on credit cards for your parents, siblings, spouse, and children (18 years or older).
Fuel Benefits
  • Get a 1% discount on fuel surcharge when you purchase fuel using the Bank of Baroda Swavlamban Credit Card at any petrol station in the country.
  • You can get a maximum waiver of Rs 250 per statement cycle.
  • To avail of the fuel surcharge exemption benefit, the transaction amount should be between Rs.400 and Rs.5,000.
Insurance Benefits 
  • You get Free Personal Accidental Death Protection with a Bank of Baroda Swavlamban Credit Card.
Credit Limit Benefits 
  • You can use up to 105% of your Bank of Baroda Swavlamban Credit Card credit limit.
  • Overlimit charges do not apply.
Equated Monthly Instalments (EMI) Benefits
  • All purchases made above Rs. You can convert two thousand five hundred with a Bank of Baroda Swavlamban Credit Card into six or 36-month EMIs.
Card Loss
  • If you immediately report your credit card loss to the bank, you will have zero liability if the card exists.

Charges of the BoB Credit Card

The below table summarises the fees of the Bank of Baroda Credit Card:

Type of chargeFee
First-year feeRs.250
Annual feeRs.250

Customer care 

For any queries, please get in touch with Personal Banking (24X7)

Toll-Free Number

1800 258 44 55

1800 102 44 55

For more information, visit the official Website.


What is the maximum number of reward points I can earn?

You can earn a maximum of 800 reward points on the statement cycle.

Should I Earn Reward Points on My Fuel Transactions?

No, you cannot earn reward points on fuel transactions.

When the annual fee is reversed, will the GST amount also be reversed? 

Please note that the GST amount will not reverse when the bank reverses your annual fee.

BoB Swavlamban Credit Card: How long is the interest-free period? 

The interest-free period is 50 days.

When will the annual fee reversal be reflected in my BoB credit card bill? 

The annual fee reversal was reflected in your 4th credit card bill statement (from the month the card was issued to you). You will reverse the fee if you pay all the arrears on the card.