How to make Purvanchal Bank balance enquiry

Do you have an account in Purvanchal bank and looking for a way to balance your enquiry? Then you can read the article to get the complete details regarding the enquiry process. Purvanchal bank provides many services to its customers, both online and offline. Their services are available 24/7.

Purvanchal Bank balance enquiry services:

Purvanchal bank is one of the well-known and reputed banks in Uttar Pradesh. The bank has a wide range of customers all over the country. So to satisfy their customers, they provide many services to their customers online and offline. It includes services like savings accounts, balance enquiry, ATM cards, and credit cards.

You can check the account in many ways if you have an account holder in Purvanchal bank. As technology advances, the bank has many online and offline services. You can avoid visiting banks and ATMs by using their online services.

How to make Purvanchal Bank balance enquiry:

How to make Purvanchal Bank balance enquiry

Purvanchal bank has many ways to make balance enquiries in their respective bank accounts. The customer uses missed calls and SMS mostly. You can check your balance through the following ways,

Give missed calls to customer care:

Every Purvanchal bank customer can call the toll-free number to make a balance enquiry. You can only call from your registered number. The enquiry number is 9266592669.


  • Firstly, call 926659669, and a few seconds later, the call will disconnect.
  • Immediately after your call, you will get a message to your number.
  • The message contains the bank details, including the bank balance.

Customer mostly uses this as it is easy and fast. All you have to do is to send an SMS to 9266592669 as BAL< account number>. After that, the bank will send you a reply message with the details you requested.

Internet banking:

There is an online method to make balance enquiries related to Purvanchal bank. They are:

  • Visit the online website of the bank.
  • On the portal, download the form and fill in the details in the form.
  • Select the required details checkbox.
  • Now upload all the required documents.
  • Finally, click on the checkbox of the agreement and submit the form by clicking on ‘Submit’.
Updating passbook at Purvanchal bank branch:

You can check and enquire about your balance by visiting the nearest bank branch. Go to the branch and give your passbook to the employee. Ask for the passbook update; you can also check your balance.

Visit the nearest ATM:

Visit the nearest ATM of any bank. Insert the card and click on the balance enquiry option. On the screen, you will see the amount in your account.

Through mobile app:

Check your balance using Purvanchal bank’s mobile app. You can use this app anywhere at any time.

  • Install the coin tab app on your mobile.
  • Open the app and select Purvanchal bank.
  • Select the registration option on the bank.
  • Register your bank account and activate it.
  • On the tab, enter your debit card number followed by your PIN.
  • Now select the balance check option and enter the PIN.
  • The balance will display on the screen.

Timings of Balance enquiry service in Purvanchal bank:

  • If you want to check your bank account balance, you can check every day, including Saturdays and Sundays.
  • 24/7 services are available.
  • You can call them and use online services even on holidays.
  • Except for visiting the bank, other services are available at any time to the customers.

Benefits of online balance enquiry:

There are many benefits to using online balance enquiry services. Here is the list of their benefits,

  • It is a time-saving procedure and can be done easily on your mobile.
  • It is free of cost as there are no charges added.
  • The bank provides 100 per cent security to online users. The app is secured with a PIN.
  • You can check and make balance enquiries whenever you want from anywhere.

How to resolve an issue with Purvanchal’s bank account?

Suppose you have any issue regarding the bank account, like chequebook request, balance enquiry, debit card etc. In that case, you can call the following too-free numbers and complain about your issue.

Toll-free numbers: 18005327444, 18008331004, 18001236230.

If your problem is not resolved or the call doesn’t connect, you can write a complaint letter and send it to the bank.

Purvanchal bank address:

Purvanchal bank, Buddh Vihar Commercial Scheme, Taramandal, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. 273616.

Frequently asked questions(FAQs):

Can a customer check balance by SMS?

The customer can check the balance by sending an SMS to the customer care number as ‘BAL’.count number>’.

How can I make a balance enquiry on my phone?

Visit the bank’s official website, and you can use the mobile app to make a balance enquiry.

Can we check the balance with the account number?

Yes, in every balance enquiry process, you need your account number. You can check your balance through SMS, ATM, missed calls etc.

Can we find the bank account number using a mobile number?

Call customer care or send an SMS to get the account number by giving the information asked.

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