AAMCO Credit Card | Features, Steps to Apply & Login

AAMCO Credit Card, issued and serviced by Synchrony Bank, provides an online portal for interested customers to apply for the new AAMCO Synchrony Car Care Credit Card. 

A credit card is a good option for regular AAMCO customers to get automotive repair and car care financing needs and some exclusive promotional financing offers.

AAMCO Credit Card Features

AAMCO Credit Card is issued and owned by Synchrony Bank. As per the rating requirement, the card is rated ‘good’ and has no annual fee. 

You can use an AAMCO Card at AAMCO. You can use this card daily for daily expenses and automotive financing.

With a secure online platform login, card users can activate their accounts and make payments. No matter where you are, the Synchrony Bank Card, known as the AAMCO Credit Card, gives you access to your account. It gives you access anywhere, even while in transit.

After you log in to your account, you can check your earnings and update your account information. AAMCO cardholders can also view their account statement and transaction history.

AAMCO Credit Card Benefits

  • Get a special 6-month promotional financing offer on purchases of $199 or more with a new car. 
  • Use the card at gas stations nationwide. 
  • No annual fee. 
  • A simple and easy financing option for your car care. 
  • A line of credit dedicated to auto care. 
  • Flexible monthly payments. 
  • There is no interest if you pay in total within the given period.
  • Simple and easy credit application process. 
  • Access and manage card accounts online 24/7. 
  • Paperless billing statement.

Importance of AAMCO Credit Card/Rewards:

  • AAMCO Credit Card does not charge an annual fee 
  • No interest had been paid if paid in full within 6-12 months. 
  • It has easy financing options for repairs 
  • With AAMCO Credit Card, you are assured of 24/7 online account management service.

Requirements to apply for the card

To apply for the Synchrony Car Care Credit Card, applicants must meet certain eligibility criteria:

  • You must be eighteen years of age or older and a permitted resident of the US. 
  • You must have government-issued photo identification. 
  • You must have a correct Social Security number. 
  • You should have a good and clear credit history.

How do you apply for an AAMCO Credit Card? 

The AAMCO Credit Card online application portal is managed by Synchrony Financial, which allows applicants to apply for a new Card securely. 

Here, you are given the detailed steps of the application process. If you are looking for guidelines to enroll for a new card, you can follow them.

Apply for AAMCO Credit Card
  • Go to the AAMCO Credit Card Application page.
  • Read the terms and conditions carefully before starting the process.
  • Fill in the details and click on Continue.
  • Fill out the application providing the following information:
  • First name
  • Middle Name(optional)
  • Last name
  • Suffix
  • Initial Purchase Amount, if known.
  • Mailing Address
  • Zip Code
  • Apt Number(optional)
  • Primary Phone Number
  • The type of Phone Number
  • Additional Phone Number and its type (optional)
  • Email address
  • SSN or ITIN
  • Date of Birth
  • Housing Information
  • Net Monthly Income from all sources
  • Check “Yes” if you have a joint applicant, and then provide the same information about the person mentioned above. Otherwise, select “No.”
  • Choose your delivery statement method.
  • The next part is the ‘Optional Card Security Enrollment Option.’ 
  • If you want to purchase the program, read the entire security agreement carefully, accept the terms and conditions, and check “Yes.” 
  • Click “Continue” to enter the verification page. 
  • Review the application again; Complete the process and “Submit.”

How to log in?

To log in to AAMCO Credit Card, click the link.

Using the card to make payment: 

An AAMC0 credit card enables its potential customers to pay all their credit card bills online. All you have to do to accomplish this is to log in to your account following the guidelines above for login and then run the “Payment” option. 

But make sure you set the Auto Debit payment method. It allows the credit card company to collect the bill directly from the bank without the hassle.

Contact Details

Check the Application Status: 

To check the application status of their credit card, applicants should call customer service at 866-396-8254 

To cancel a credit card: 

If you desire to cancel your credit card, dial 866-396-8254 and speak with a customer service agent

You can also reach AAMCO Synchrony Car Care Card customer service by mail.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I use my AAMCO Care Card? 

The Synchrony Car Care Credit Card was accepted at gas stations, auto parts, and service businesses nationwide.

How to activate a credit card? 

Since you received your credit card in the mail, you can activate the AAMCO credit card by calling the customer helpline.

Can I use my Synchrony Card anywhere? 

Most Synchrony credit cards are connected to a store and can only be used for purchases at that store. If your card includes a Visa or MasterCard symbol, you can use it anywhere. 

Can I use my Synchrony Car Care Card at Walmart? 

You can use your Synchrony credit card at Walmart, but just if it’s Walmart-branded. If you keep a Walmart credit card, you can utilize it at Walmart and online at https://walmart.com

What is the credit score requirement for Synchrony Bank Credit Card? 

It depends on the credit card you are interested in. Most of the credit cards offered by Synchrony Bank are designed for people with fair (640 – 699), good (700 – 749), or excellent (750 – 850) credit.

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