How to activate a federal bank ATM card online?

Federal Bank is ready to compete with other private banks in India. Federal Bank offers the best digital banking services to its customers. People can easily activate a federal bank ATM card online. 

Meanwhile, it has become very convenient for people to open a savings account with a federal bank. People can unlock their savings bank account with one click using its official website or partner application.

Federal Bank has also provided a debit card facility to its savings bank customers. With the help of Internet banking and mobile banking, customers can now control the transaction limit or activate their Federal Bank ATM for online transactions in one click.

 This report will illustrate activating a Federal Bank ATM for online transactions. Let’s see.

Activate Federal Bank ATM Card for Online Transactions:

Like other banks, Federal Bank also provides the facility to control and set up transactions per the customers’ needs. A customer can set up a transaction amount and start or stop online transactions with the help of the Internet and mobile banking services. 

We have added two methods below. Before that, check the prerequisites you need. 

  • You must be a registered Federal Bank Net Banking customer. 
  • FedNet Mobile Banking Application. 
  • A registered mobile number must be available.

Method 1: FedNet Mobile Banking 

Make sure you have already completed the FedNet Mobile Banking registration. If it has not been done, do it now. 

  • First, one is required to download the Fednet Mobile Banking app. 
  • You can quickly download it from Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  • Complete the login method. 
  • Now, go via the menu and click on the Card Management option.
  • From the head screen, click on the Enable/Disable card option. 
  • You will now notice a list of options. 
  • Turn on Online Transactions and click on the Confirm button. 
  • Click on confirm, and that’s it. 
  • Your debit card will be ready for online transactions in minutes.

Method 2: Federal Bank Net Banking 

The second method to start online transactions is through Federal Bank Net Banking.

  • First, open the authorised Federal Bank website. 
  • You can unlock it by clicking on this link
  • Then click on the ‘Personal Banking’ button. 
  • The login page will appear. 
  • Enter the login ID and password. 
  • From the main dashboard, click on Debit Card Services. 
  • In the sub-menu, click on the Debit Card On/Off button.
  • You will now find an option to enable eCom transactions. 
  • Please turn it on. 
  • Complete the verification using OTP. That’s it. 
  • Your Federal Bank Debit Card has now been activated for online transactions.


You are now at the end of this post. We have presented everything you need to know to activate a federal bank ATM card online easily. We hope the information added here is helpful. Anything else you want to ask us? You can always put your doubts in the comments section.


How do you activate the Federal Bank Debit Card for online transactions?

Suppose your Federal Bank Debit Card is inactive for online payments. In that case, you can log in to Mobile Banking or Net Banking and initiate online transactions for your card. Please follow the above steps.

Why can’t I use my Federal Bank Debit Card online? 

Because your debit card may have been disabled for online use, you need to activate online transactions for your debit card and follow the online methods above to enable online payments for your card.

Are there any charges for facilitating online transactions on Federal Bank Debit Cards? 

There are no charges for initiating online transactions on Federal Bank Debit Cards.

How do you enable international transactions on Federal Bank ATM cards? 

The process is similar. Enable the International Transactions option from the list.

How do you stop international transactions on Federal Bank ATM cards? 

The process is similar—select international Transactions from the list.

When will the changes be applied, and the online transaction facility is activated? 

Within 10 minutes, you will activate the debit card for online transactions.

Who is eligible to apply for Federal Bank Debit Cards? 

Any Indian resident can apply for Federal Bank Debit Cards. NRIs, NREs and NROs are also eligible subjects to certain conditions. 

What are the various interest rates and charges on Federal Bank Debit Cards? 

Applicable charges vary from card to card. For details, please visit the bank website or bank branch.

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