How to Apply Cheque Book in Indian bank online?

Do you have an Indian Bank account, and are you considering requesting a new cheque book? A cheque book is one of the convenient ways to pay someone. So, in this article, you will learn how to request a chequebook from Indian Bank online through your net banking application. 

Request a cheque book from Indian Bank 

You must deposit the middle page in the bank, and you will receive the chequebook by post at your registered mailing address. Visiting a branch is a time-consuming task. 

Nowadays, you don’t have to follow traditional methods to request an Indian Bank Cheque Book. You can request Indian Bank Cheque Book online, which may take a few minutes. 

And You can apply online anytime and from anywhere. You have to follow the step-by-step procedure without any errors.

And you can also request a chequebook without any mobile application or net banking facility. But, before requesting a cheque book, it is important to know what it is and its uses or importance.

What is a cheque book? 

A chequebook is a small book containing pre-printed paper documents issued by a bank to customers. It had used to make transactions by filling in the details (beneficiary’s name, amount, date, and signature) on a page from the book.

What are the documents required for the Cheque?

Documents to apply for a cheque book

  • Valid Passport.
  • Pan card (separate address proof required)
  • Valid Permanent Driving license
  • Election Card / Voter’s ID card.
  • Job card issued by NREGA.
  • E-Aadhaar letter downloaded from UIDAI site/Aadhaar card issued by the government of India.

How to apply for or Request a cheque book in Indian Bank?

There are five methods for requesting a cheque book an Indian Bank are 

  • Indian Bank Cheque Book Request through IndOASOS App
  • Request chequebook in Indian Bank through Net Banking
  • Indian Bank Cheque Book through Mobile Banking
  • By Nearest Branch
  • by calling customer care

Indian Bank Cheque Book Request through IndOASOS App

Here is the step-by-step process you need to follow to request Indian Bank Cheque Book online through the IndOASIS application. 

Steps for Indian Bank Cheque Book Request through IndOASOS App: 

  • Open the play store and download the IndOASIS application. 
  • If you are not using the Indian Bank mobile application, open it and register your account.
  • Login to the IndOASIS application by entering your credentials like MPIN or fingerprint
  • On the application’s homepage, you need to click on “Value Added Services.”
  • Select “Cheque Services.” 
  • In Cheque Services, you need to select your account number. 
  • Then, enter the number of leaves (pages). 
  • You can apply for a minimum of 20 pages.
  • If you select your account number and enter the number of leaves, your communication address will automatically fill in the next tab. 
  • It is the permanent address you provided while opening the account. 
  • Tick the small rectangular box if you want to deliver to an alternate address. 
  • And mention the address there; otherwise, Click on submit button.
  • The application will show you a confirmation message, which you must confirm.
  • Enter your transaction or MTPIN. 
  • Select the Submit button.

Finally, you have successfully applied for a new chequebook from Indian Bank. Depending on where you live, the bank will send your new chequebook within a month. 

Request chequebook in Indian Bank through Net Banking

You can also apply for a new chequebook through the Indian Bank website. For this, you can follow the steps mentioned below. Steps for Indian Bank Cheque Book Request through Indian Bank Net Banking: 

  • First, you need to visit the website of Indian banking.
  • Select the “Login for Net Banking” option. 
  • Enter your user id and fill in the captcha 
  • Click on the login option 
  • After login into your net banking account, select the “Value Added Services” option. 
  • Select the Cheque option.
  • Then select the “Cheque Book Request” option. 
  • Select your account and enter the MPIN or transaction password. 
  • Then click on Accept button. It will send an OTP to your registered mobile number. 
  • Enter the OTP and confirm the request.
  • In this way, you can request Indian Bank Cheque Book.

Indian Bank Cheque Book through Mobile Banking

Registered mobile banking customers can also request a chequebook to access mobile banking services.

  • Log in to your mobile banking account.
  • Click on the ‘Value Added Services’ icon. 
  • In the next step, tap on the ‘Cheque Services’ icon, and in the next step, tap on the ‘Cheque Book Request’ icon. 
  • You must select the account number and confirm the address in the next step.
  • The last step to submit the request is to enter the TPIN.

By Nearest Branch: 

You can also request a new chequebook by visiting your home branch of Indian Bank. 

  • You must visit the branch and write an application requesting a new chequebook.
  • Remember to mention your account details like your name, account number, date, etc. 
  • And after writing the application, submit it to the bank manager. 
  • The process can take anywhere from a few days.
  • Finally, they will deliver the chequebook to your permanent address.

By calling the customer care

 You can reach the Indian Bank contact centre at 180042500000 and request a new chequebook. 

By following any of the four methods, concerned customers can request a cheque book an Indian bank. Make sure to check the mailing address before the final submission.


How long does it bring to get a chequebook from an Indian bank? 

It would be okay to go to your bank branch to get a chequebook and talk to a banking officer. After providing the required information and completing the request, you will receive your chequebook within 7-10 working days. 

Is Cheque Book Free in Indian Bank? 

Twenty leaves are free for Cheque used savings bank accounts in a calendar year. RuPay ATM Cards/Debit Cards had provided free of charge.

Can I get a single cheque from the bank? 

If you’re in a bit and don’t have any cheques available, you can ask the teller at your bank for a counter cheque, which is a blank cheque printed at the branch with your account information. You may charge a small fee of around $1-$2 per Cheque.

Can I print my cheques? 

You can print your cheques with almost any printer: inkjet, laserjet, or even offset printers. Some cheque printers have special features that increase the security of your cheques, such as watermarks and thermochromatic ink, but you can use any basic home-office printer.

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