How to block union bank ATM card?

Block union bank ATM card, In case your Union Bank of India ATM/Debit Card is lost or stolen, the cardholder should immediately block/Hotlist their card to avoid any misuse for security reasons.

You can block your ATM card by calling Union Bank of India’s 24-hour toll-free helpline or sending an SMS-based code from a registered mobile number. You can block your card immediately by following any of these steps.

Reasons to Block Union Bank ATM Card 

You may like to block your Union Bank ATM card for many reasons. 

  • They lost their card and want to prevent any unauthorized transactions. 
  • Their account was compromised, and they must prevent unauthorized transactions until the situation had resolved.
  • You may want to block a card that has been inactive for a long time and not want to use it anymore.
  • You may have changed banks and need to close the account associated with the Union Bank of India ATM Card. 

However, here is how to block your Union Bank ATM Card:

Method 1: Steps to Block Union Bank ATM Card by IVRS 

You do not have to be a bank executive to solve your problems; you can do it now. 

  • First, call the customer care line 1800222244/1800222244
  • From the IVRS menu, select the Card Blocking option. 
  • If you are in trouble, choose to connect with an executive to help you.
  • Remember that you lost your card and want to block it. 
  • Providing all the required information when asked to block the card is important. 
  • They will ask for details like your bank location and the last four digits of your ATM card so they can identify it. 
  • After successful verification, your card had blocked.

Method 2: Steps to Block Union Bank ATM Card via SMS 

  • Go to your phone’s SMS app and open it. 
  • Send the word ‘BLOCK’ and the last four digits of your ATM card number to the number printed on the ATM card or SMS to 9223008486 through the registered mobile number. 
  • Example Debit Card Number: 3524 2543 5246 8924 
  • Sent SMS “BLOCK 8924” to 9223008486
  • You will receive an SMS confirming that your ATM card is blocked.

3rd Method: How to Block My Union Bank ATM Card Using Internet Banking? 

  • Go to Union Bank’s Internet Banking site and log in with your User ID & Password.
  • From there, navigate to the Requests section and select ‘Block ATM Card’ from the list of options.
  • Then, enter the reason for blocking in the space provided. 
  • Finally, enter the ATM card number in the text box. 
  • Click the ‘Block Card’ button to disable it immediately.

Method 4: Block Union Bank ATM Card by Using U Mobile App 

U Mobile App allows you to block your debit card from the app.

  • Go to the “More” section of the app, 
  • Tap on “Cards” 
  • Select the card you want to block.
  • Click on “Block Card” and type the reason for blocking.

Method 5: Block Union Bank ATM Card by Visiting the Nearest Branch

It would help if you visited any Union Bank branch. Inform the bank staff that you have lost or misplaced your ATM card and wish to block it. 

They will ask for certain information related to your bank accounts, like ATM card number and account number. Give them all the information, and your card will be blocked.

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Customer Care Number

Calling Customer Care is the quickest and most convenient way to block the Union Bank of India Debit Card. Customers can block the debit card IVR itself. Below are the numbers customers can call. 

  • Toll Free numbers : 1800 22 2244, 1800 208 2244 
  • other Toll Number: 080-61817110 
  • For NRIs: +918061817110

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We have provided you with full information about blocking the Union Bank of India ATM card. Follow each step and follow them correctly so that you can block your card easily. 

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1. If I block my card and take a new one, can I use it again? 

Blocking your card is a good way to protect yourself from identity theft, and in some cases, it may prevent you from using your card in transactions. When you block your card, it means that the account associated with that card is no longer accessible.

It will do all future transactions through the new debit card. If you decide to unblock your card, this is not possible. However, it is important to note that the new debit card does not come with the same number as the old one.

2. If someone tries to draw money from your account with your blocked card, will they succeed? 

The solution to this query depends on the bank that issued the card. Sometimes, the bank allows the person to withdraw a certain amount even if the card is blocked. In other cases, the bank will not allow any withdrawal from the card, regardless of who is trying to do so.

3. Can I unlock an account in my name and close it if I find out that I have blocked the card? 

If you block your card, no one will be able to access your account. It is to protect you from identity & financial theft.

4. Do you think it is safe to block a card without reporting it to Union Bank? 

I think blocking the card and reporting it to Union Bank is safer. If the card had stolen or lost and someone is using it without your knowledge, it is a good idea to block it.

5. Do you think it is difficult to unblock the Union Bank of India ATM card? 

Yes, but it is not impossible. Suppose you lose your ATM card, and you report it to the bank, and the bank blocks your card. If you are ready to get your ATM card back, you should contact the bank officials and tell them that you have lost the card.

6. Can I cancel and unblock the withdrawal request on my UBI ATM card? 

Unfortunately, a withdrawal request cannot be withdrawn or unblocked.

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