How to change the Canara Bank mobile number?

The main reason you register your mobile number with Canara Bank is for account security in case someone’s online banking account is hacked. 

Suppose the account owner has recorded his mobile number. In that case, he will get SMS notifications from the Bank if the account uses online banking or if they have made a transaction.

Linking the mobile number to the bank account is crucial in this case in this case. Someone gets your ATM card and four-digit PIN; they can use it anywhere, but you will obtain an SMS from the Bank and stop the transaction instantly. 

These reasons are much more important than registering a phone number with a bank account. Here, we will show you how to record your mobile number with Canara Bank. Let’s switch your mobile number to follow the process.

Bank customers can change or update their mobile numbers anywhere from their branches and have an online process through the listed methods. 

Bank customers interested in changing or updating their mobile numbers can easily follow any of the methods listed for change.

  1. Net Banking.
  2. Mobile Banking through the CANDI App.
  3. Submitting CANMOBILE Form.
  4. Write an E-Mail.
  5. Customer Care.
  6. Submitting CANMOBILE Form.

Requirements to change Canara Bank mobile number?

  • The new mobile number should be active and ready to receive or send SMS.
  • Internet Banking Access (if done through Canara Bank Net Banking) 
  • ATM Card Details 
  • If you have a previous mobile number, keep it with you. 

Check the following methods to update or change your mobile number to ensure the SMS is received or sent to the old number.

How do I Edit or Change my Bank Mobile Number through Net Banking? 

  • Visit the Canara Bank Internet Banking Portal.  
  • ‘Login’ to Canara Internet Banking through ‘User ID’ and ‘Password’. 
  • Go to ‘Profile’ and then select ‘Personal Details.’ 
  • Your details will be visible with your current mobile number.
  • Now select ‘Change Domestic Mobile Number’. 
  • Update your ‘New Mobile Number’. 
  • Click ‘Submit’ and verify your new mobile number by getting the OTP. 
  • Finally, you will see the confirmation message of the service request. 
  • You have restored all updates and one-time passwords to this new mobile number.

Update or change the Canara Bank mobile number through the CANDI Mobile Banking App:

Smartphone users who have registered with Bank mobile banking services in the CANDIMOBILE app can follow the steps to change an existing phone number with a new one. 

  • Login to the CANDI app via MPIN or Passcode 
  • Go to ‘Profile’ and then select ‘Personal Details’. 
  • Tap on the mobile number and select ‘Update’.
  • Please enter the new phone number and submit it for verification. 
  • Then, you get the OTP and verify the transaction through OTP. 
  • Now, your service request has been successfully submitted. 
  • The Bank will confirm and approve your request within two working days, and then they will change your mobile number with the new number.

How do you update or change the Canara Bank mobile number by submitting the CANDI mobile facility form? 

You can instantly update or change your phone number by submitting the CANDI mobile facility from any branch of Canara Bank near you. Below, we have guided you to change the linked mobile number to update it with a new one by visiting the branch.

  • Go to any Canara Bank branch nearby or visit your branch with valid ID proof. 
  • Get the CANDI Mobile Facility form to link or switch your mobile number to your account. 
  • Fill out the form entirely. 
  • After serving out the form, sign it and present it to the helpdesk officer.
  • After verifying the form, they will complete your service request to change the mobile number linked to the bank account within two working days. 

Also, you cannot register or modify your mobile number without calling your local branch.

How to change or update the Canara Bank mobile number via e-mail?

You can also contact Canara Bank via mail to change or update your registered mobile number at  

Write an e-mail with service request details from your registered e-mail ID, verify bank details and update the new mobile number quickly.

How do you Update the Canara Bank Account Mobile Number by Contacting Customer Care?

You can also get the Customer Care Helpline for a change or update your registered mobile number at 1800 425 0018 

Benefits of updating or changing Canara Bank mobile number

  • You can track transactions by linking your mobile number to your Bank account. 
  • You can check the Canara Bank mini statement for the latest five transactions over the phone.
  • They will report unauthorized transactions in your account immediately. 
  • You can use net banking, mobile banking, etc.
  • If you lose your Canara ATM card, you can block it using your registered cell phone number. 
  • You must enter your phone number if you want a Canara Bank cordless withdrawal. 
  • Apply for a Canara Bank chequebook using your cell phone number. 
  • You can receive your Canara Bank customer ID by dialling or texting your registered cell phone number.
  • A registered cell phone number is required to generate a Canara Bank Debit Card PIN online.
  • Suppose you use any payment gateway such as BHIM, Paytm, or Google Pay. In that case, they will finalize your transactions only after verifying the OTP issued to your registered cell phone number. 

Canara Bank uses registered mobile phones to provide necessary updates and information on new updates and changes in banking services.


This post taught you how to change your account’s Canara Bank mobile number. I hope this information helps you easily change or update a new mobile number.

You can ask in the comment section below if you have any queries/doubts regarding the above information. I will attempt my best to answer your questions as soon as possible.


How long does updating the mobile number in the bank account take? 

They will update the mobile number in 2 working days.

What should I do if the mobile number does not change within two working days? 

You can contact your branch again and request an update about your mobile number change request.

How do I know my mobile number in Canara Bank? 

You can find your mobile number in the Bank on the net banking dashboard. This dashboard contains your banking details, such as account details and mobile numbers. 

Do I need an old mobile for a mobile number change in Canara Bank?

Yes, when updating your mobile number from an old one to a new one, you must have a functional old mobile number to receive OTP.

How do I change my registered phone number in Canara Bank online? 

You can change your mobile number in Canara Bank online with the help of internet banking. It requires a registered net banking account with Canara Bank. If you have already registered your Canara Bank Net Banking account, follow the steps given in this article.

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