How to check pending deposits Woodforest bank

How to check the pending deposits from the Woodforest bank account is clearly explained in this article. This article also has details as they disappear, are canceled, and the time to get deposited clearly.

What time does Woodforest bank close

What are pending deposits?

While doing bank transactions, when you deposit or withdraw the amount from your bank account, then the bank should verify it first. So they put the transaction on hold, called pending deposit or withdrawal. Combined called pending transactions.

In the same way, when you deposit an amount to your account. It shows as the amount is deposited, but the amount balance doesn’t show it. The deposition is on hold as it is in the process of verification. It may be challenging when you need to use the amount immediately.

How to check pending deposits?

During your fund’s deposition in Woodforest bank, you can check whether it is a pending deposit or not by following these ways,


  • Open the bank’s official website of the Woodforest bank or mobile app.
  • Log in to your account using your bank account number and password.
  • On the homepage, you can see deposit/purchase history on the top of the right side.
  • Check whether the amount is deposited or not.

Customer care: You can call the Woodforest customer care number to ask whether the amount has been deposited.

Phone number: 1(877)968-7962.

Email: Send an email to the bank’s mail to check about the deposit.

Ways to deposit the amount in the Woodforest account:

You can deposit funds in the Woodforest bank account without getting pending deposits. Follow the following ways to deposit,

  • Go to the nearest ATM. Insert the card, and you can deposit the option. Deposit the amount you want to the account.
  • Visit the nearest branch: For this method, you should visit the bank branch. Ask for the deposit at the counter. They will give to a slip, fill it and give you the amount to deposit on the counter.
  • Woodforest bank app: One of the easiest ways to the bank is the mobile app. Open the app and, under the account options, deposit from another bank to Woodforest bank.

Why do pending deposits disappear in the Woodforest account?

The pending deposits in the Woodforest bank account will disappear because transactions may get approved or declined. The bank may approve or reject it due to insufficient details. You can see it in the transaction history if it is accepted. If not, it will be disappeared. The main reason for rejection is if the lender suspects any fraud.

How to avoid pending deposits?

During transitions, you can avoid pending deposits or pending withdrawals by following the below steps,

  • Fill in the details correctly on the checks before taking the picture.
  • Check whether the entire check came in the picture.
  • Provide all the account details correctly.

Why are pending accounts in Woodforest bank canceled?

There are some reasons for pending deposits and withdrawals to get canceled. They are:

  • Due to insufficient balance or amount in the account.
  • The given details need to be corrected.
  • If the lender suspects fraud.
  • If the sign is not matched the original signature.

Frequently asked questions ( FAQs):

Can you withdraw a pending deposit directly?

How long does a pending deposit take in Woodforest bank?

How long does a pending deposit take in Woodforest bank?

The time depends on the account type and status. It takes 2 to 7 days nearly.

Can we cancel the transaction while it is pending?

No, we cannot cancel the transaction as the process is still on hold and is temporary.

What time does Woodforest direct deposit take?

The amount will be deposited for direct deposit as soon as the bank receives it.

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