How to find the CIF number in Indian Bank? 

Indian Bank is one of the most famous public sector banks in India. This oldest operating bank in India has many clients. The Indian Bank had headquartered in Chennai. Indian Bank has around 2000 branches worldwide. To learn how to find the CIF number in Indian Bank, you can visit here. 

Is it possible to find the CIF number? Yes, it is. This post will show four ways to find a CIF number in Indian Bank. The banking sector is upgraded and transfers customer details into digital form in this modern world.

Compared to previous years, now we are using the benefits of ATM cards, credit cards, online transactions, loan approvals etc. Similarly, all banks like SBI, Central Bank of India, Canara Bank, IOB, Indian Bank etc. 

CIF number for customers, using this CIF number, bank officials can easily find all the personal and account information of the customer. Are you looking for how to find a CIF in Indian Bank? Let’s see the simple methods below:

What is CIF Number in Indian Bank? 

CIF number stands for Customer Information File or Client Identity File. We can easily find the customer’s personal and account information using this number. Also, this is an 11-digit unique identification number given to each customer individually. 

If you have multiple accounts in the same account, the bank will provide only one CIF number so that you will link all the accounts with the same number.

Indian Bank provides a nine-digit CIF number to its customers. It varies from bank to bank as some other banks provide their customers with 4-digit, 8-digit and 11-digit numbers.

Requirements to know CIF Number

  • Account number.
  • He registered a mobile number.
  • Passbook.
  • Welcome letter. 
  • Chequebook first page.

Why do you need the Indian Bank CIF number?

There are a few reasons why you should know the CIF number for your Indian Bank Account. 

  • For Online Internet banking registration, you should know your CIF number
  • For Mobile Banking registration, you should know the CIF number.
  • During the Branch transfer, you should mention the CIF number on the branch transfer form.

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How to find the CIF number in Indian Bank? 

You can easily find Indian Bank CIF Number by doing five simple methods. They are 

  1. Find CIF Number in Indian Bank through Internet Banking 
  2. Find CIF Number in Indian Bank through Passbook 
  3. Find Indian CIF Number from Check Book 
  4. Find CIF Number in Indian Bank through Customer Care
  5. Find CIF Number in Indian Bank by Visiting Branch.

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Find CIF Number in Indian Bank through Internet Banking: 

Indian Bank Internet Banking facility is the easiest way to find CIF Number. Today, we all use internet banking for online transactions. You can find the CIF number with the correct login ID and passwords. Let’s see with simple steps,

  • First, you must visit the authorised website of Indian Bank Internet Banking. 
  • Now, type the valid login id and password to log in.
  • Now, click on the My Accounts option. 
  • In the Account Details section, click on Summary. 
  • Now, you will see your Indian Bank CIF number there.
find the CIF number

Find CIF Number in Indian Bank through Passbook

Indian Bank customers can easily check their CIF number in Indian Bank Passbook. Indian Bank provides passbooks, ATM cards, chequebooks and account numbers to new customers.

find the CIF number in Indian Bank

In that passbook, you will notice that the Indian Bank CIF number had printed on the first page. You will see a 9-digit number printed on your passbook. 

Apart from this, you can also check this number in Indian Bank Check Book. In your chequebook, this number will print at the top of the first page.

Find Indian Bank CIF Number from Check Book 

Alternatively, you can also get your CIF number from a chequebook issued by Indian Bank. You can get the number on the front page of the chequebook.

Find CIF Number in Indian Bank through Customer Care

If you cannot see the Customer ID number in the passbook or chequebook, you can go with Indian Bank Customer Care Support. You can call Indian Bank toll-free at 1800 4250 0000 from your registered mobile number. 

After your call has connected to an Indian Bank customer care executive, they will ask for your requirements. So, your request to get your CIF number from Indian Bank.

Next, they ask for all the details like account number, name, address, ID proof etc. Finally, you will know about your Indian Bank Customer ID Number. Apart from this, you can also find this customer id number through e-statement. 

Suppose you have subscribed to the Indian Bank email statement feature. In that case, you can also check the CIF number in the e-statement file.

You must open your e-statement or PDF file and check the account details. Finally, you can find the customer ID number in your e-statement file.

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Find CIF Number in Indian Bank by Visiting the Branch

If unsatisfied with customer care support, you can directly visit the home branch and check your CIF number. Visit your Indian bank branch and meet the bank executives. 

Now, request him to provide your Indian Bank CIF number. After that, you must provide all your details like account number, address, name, and ID proof for verification. Finally, you will get your Customer ID number from Indian Bank.


Finding Indian Bank CIF Number is not a big task anymore. Five simple methods allow you to check your customer ID in Indian Bank easily. 

I hope the above information about finding a CIF number in Indian Bank is useful. If you have inquiries regarding this article, feel free to ask us. We are here to help you. Thank you! 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Indian Bank customer care number to inquire about the CIF number? 

You call Indian Bank toll-free number 180042500000 and connect customer care executive to ask about Indian Bank CIF Number. 

2. Can I get the CIF Number of Indian Bank through SMS? 

Currently, the SMS service is unavailable to ask for Indian Bank CIF Number. Instead, you will ask for the customer ID number through the e-statement file.

3. How can I get a CIF number in Indian Bank without a passbook? 

You can check the Indian Bank CIF number through internet banking without a passbook. If you have the right user id and password, you can log in to your Indian Bank internet banking and search for the CIF number.

4. Where can I use my CIF number? 

CIF number is a valuable number, and it is required many times like opening an internet bank account, doing money transactions and many other moments.

5. Is it dangerous to share my CIF number with bank staff? 

No, bank staff are using the numbers to provide you with the best banking services. So, you can share your CIF number with the bank staff.

6. Do I get a new CIF number in Indian Bank for another account? 

An Indian Bank issues a unique CIF number once to a single customer, whether he has one or more accounts with the bank. So, you can get a single CIF number from the bank.

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