IRCTC BoB RuPay Credit Card | Features & Process to Apply

IRCTC BOB Rupay Creditcard applies to everyone. Bank of Baroda has launched the Co-branded Credit Card – IRCTC BoB RuPay Credit Card, in association with the Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC). This card was designed for those who frequently travel through Indian Railways.

About IRCTC BoB RuPay Creditcard: 

This partnership proves to be beneficial to all BoB customers who use the training mode for travel. The joining fee is Rs. 500, and this card offers many rewards and benefits to its customers.

This card is not only for travel purposes but also offers many benefits on grocery purchases, fuel costs, etc. You can convert transactions to EMI via IRCTC BoB RuPay Credit Card. Keep reading the article to understand more about this card.

Features and Benefits IRCTC BOB RuPay Creditcard:

IRCTC BoB RuPay Credit Card was specially designed for train passengers. Using this card, you can enjoy rewards, benefits and discounts while travelling by train.

You will also get remarkable reward points on your train ticket booking through IRCTC and when shopping for your daily needs.

Also, you can redeem points for booking railway tickets. Detailed features of the IRCTC BoB RuPay Credit Card are as follows:

Welcome, Benefit: 

  • As a welcome benefit, you will get 1000 bonus reward points if you make a single transaction of Rs 1000 with your card within the first 45 days of issuing the card.

Reward Benefits:

  • A maximum of 40 reward points for every Rs.100 spent booking railway tickets through the IRCTC website or mobile application.
  • Four reward points for every Rs.100 spent on grocery and departmental stores.
  • 2 Extra Points for every Rs 100 spent for all other categories.
Reward Redemption:
  • There are two ways to redeem the reward points you have earned on your IRCTC BoB RuPay credit card.
  • First, you can redeem your points by booking railway tickets through the IRCTC website or mobile application.
  • The second way to redeem these points against your credit card statement balance where 1 RP = Rs.0.25

Travel Benefits:

  • You can access four complimentary domestic railway lounges annually, with a maximum of only 1 per quarter.

Zero Credit Card Lost Liability:

  • Suppose your IRCTC BoB RuPay credit card is lost or stolen. In that case, you will not be liable for fraudulent transactions through your card if you are notified immediately of the card being lost or stolen.

Fuel Surcharge Exemption: 

  • You can pay Rs. 500 to Rs. Eligible for 1% fuel surcharge exemption on transactions between 3,000. (Subject to a maximum of Rs. 100 amnesty per advertisement)

Railway Surcharge Exemption:

  • Suppose you book a railway ticket through the IRCTC website or mobile application using the IRCTC BoB RuPay credit card. In that case, you are entitled to a 1% surcharge waiver on all transactions.

Other Benefits: 

  • You can get three free lifetime add-on cards for your family, including your spouse, parents, children, or siblings over 18 years of age.

Fees of IRCTC BOB RuPay Creditcard:

  • The joining fee for an IRCTC BoB RuPay credit card is Rs. 500.
  • The renewal fee for this card is Rs. 350.
  • It comes with an IRCTC BoB credit card with a 3.5% foreign currency markup fee.
  • The interest rate assessed on this card is 3.49% per month. It is 41.88% per annum.
  • Cash advance charges on this card are 2.5% of the transaction amount or Rs. 500, whichever is higher.

Eligibility Criteria for IRCTC BOB Rupee Credit Card:

  • Only Indian Citizens can apply for this card.
  • The age bracket for salaried and self-employed persons ranges from 21 to 65 years.
  • The add-on cardholder should be 18 years old to get this card.
  • Salary nationals need an income of Rs. 3.60 lakhs per annum.
  • For self-employed residents, the payment is around Rs. 4.80 lakhs.

How do you apply for an IRCTC BOB RuPay Credit Card?

You can apply for this card using online and offline methods.

For Online Mode –

  • Visit the Official Website of the Bank of Baroda:
  • Go to ‘Credit Cards’ under the ‘Digital Products’ tab
  • Select ‘IRCTC BoB RuPay Credit Card’ and then click Apply Now
  • You must fill in all the essential details and submit the required documents.

For offline mode:

You can visit the closest Bank of Baroda branch and complete the credit card application form. Attach all required documents.

Please submit it to the bank officials, who will forward it to the credit card department for further processing.

Track Application Status:

  • To track your credit card application status, go to the official website.
  • Enter your application number and connect on ‘Get Details.’
  • You get the status of your application on your Screen.

How to activate IRCTC BoB Creditcard? 

After receiving your new credit card from BoB Financial, activating it is your first step. There are many online and offline methods to activate your credit card, some of which are as follows:

You can activate your credit card through internet banking. Log in to your Net Banking Account and find the Activation/PIN Generation option from the menu.

Another method to activate your credit card is through an ATM. Visit your nearest BoB ATM, insert your credit card, and select the option to activate your card from the main menu.

You can also contact your customer care and ask them to assist you in activating your credit card.

BOB IRCTC BOB Credit Card Login:

Nowadays, everyone wants to complete their banking-related tasks from the comfort of their home. Hence, many banks and card issuers have started offering Internet banking facilities. You can also get excellent services by registering your BoB credit card for Net Banking.

There are a few steps to do the same:

  • Visit the BoB Financial Net Banking page.
  • Click on the signup option.
  • Enter all the required details, including your credit card number, expiration date, and others, and click ‘Proceed.’


Travelling by rail is relatively easy compared to roadways. When you get such excellent benefits while travelling by rail, it looks like the cherry on the cake.

This IRCTC BoB Rupee Credit Card is great for getting 40 reward points by booking tickets through IRCTC and saving you a 1% transaction surcharge.

Also, you can turn your BoB Reward Points into IRCTC Travel Points by linking your credit card loyalty number with your IRCTC ID, which is excellent. Previously, the SBI card only offered three co-branded credit cards with ITCTC, to ​​which the IRCTC SBI Platinum card was comparable.


How do I activate the BoB Rupay credit card?

Visit your nearest ATM and slide your card through the machine for further steps.
The Screen will appear after that, asking for your credentials.
You will be asked to put in an OTP that will be sent to your registered mobile number.

What is the annual fee for a BoB RuPay credit card?

The yearly fee for a BOB Rupay Credit Card is Rs. 350.

How do I use my RuPay card for the first time?

Choose the “pay by debit card” option. Now, enter the information of your RuPay debit card – the 16-digit card number, the expiry date of the card and the CVV number. Now, provided that you have registered your number with the bank, choose the OTP (One-time password) option to complete the payment.

What is the limit of the RuPay card per month?

Usage limit of Rs.25000/- in ATM and Rs.25000/- in POS.