How to apply for a Kotak Bank Debit card

Are you looking for ways to apply for a Kotak Bank debit card, generate a PIN, change the plug and block the debit card? Then, this article provides you with the details and steps about the above information.

Kotak Bank Debit Card:

Kotak Bank is India’s fourth biggest private bank, offering various services to its customers. There are many services like loans, debit cards, credit cards etc. Debit cards have many ranges according to customer needs and requirements.

How to apply for a Kotak Bank Debit card

Features of Kotak Bank Debit Card:

  • Have high-level security services and safety.
  • You can make transactions both online and offline.
  • The bank provides many offers to the customers.
  • An infinite number of transactions can be done.
  • Customers can access airport VIP lounges and are eligible for other complimentary insurance services.

Types of Debit cards in Kotak Bank:

Customers have many options to select from debit cards. You can get any card as per your requirements. These are some cards:

Rupay India Debit card:
  • The withdrawal limit is Rs. 40,000, and the purchase limit is Rs. 2,00,000.
  • You are eligible for personal accident insurance of Rs.2,00,000.
  • It is helpful for NRI if they want to withdraw for purchase in India.
Platinum Debit card:
  • Infinite no.of withdrawals in ATMs
  • Shopping limit up to Rs.3,00,000/- and withdrawal up to Rs.3,00,000/-
  • You can access luxurious VIP lounges in airports in around 130 countries.
  • Eligible to get offers on partnered websites.
Privy League Platinum Debit card:
  • Debit cards are acceptable in both India and abroad.
  • The card shopping limit is up to 2.5 Lakh, and the withdrawal limit is 2 Lakhs.
  • 24/7 global customer services are available.
  • Insurance services up to Rs. 2,50,000/-
Privy League Signature Debit card:
  • The shopping limit is up to 4 Lakhs, and the withdrawal limit is 3 Lakhs.
  • You can get priority pass service in around 130 countries.
  • Eligible for Rs. 1,06 Crore complimentary insurance services.
  • 24/7 global customer services are available.
Pay Shop more:
  • You can withdraw up to Rs. 40,000/- in ATM and purchase up to 2 lakhs.
  • You are eligible to access a large no.of offers and deals.
  • Suitable for Rs. 5,00000 insurance services.

How to apply for a Kotak Bank Debit card:

If you want to apply for a debit card in the bank, there are many ways to apply for the card. They are:

Go to the closest bank: The easiest and fastest way to apply for a debit card is by visiting the nearest bank. After going, request the debit card by providing the required details. They ask for your account number, name, mobile number, etc.

Call the bank: Another way is to call the bank and request a card. They may ask for your details and confirm them. You must provide the correct information. Then, they will forward our request.

Contact number: 186026626666

Apply online:

  • Firstly, visit the official bank website, i.e.,
  •  Log in to the account using your mobile number and your date of birth.
  •  You will see ‘Send OTP’. Click on it. You will get an OTP number to your registered mobile number.
  •  Type the OTP and submit. You will be redirected to the next page of your account.
  •  Select the ‘New Debit Card’ option and submit.


  • The customer should hold at least one savings or Kotak bank account.
  • The age limit is 18 years.
  • Only Indian residents are eligible.

How to generate PIN:

Through ATM:

You can follow this method to generate the PIN and activate the card for the first time.

  • Visit the nearest Kotak Bank ATM.
  • First, insert your debit card and click the ‘PIN Generation’ option.
  • Now, please enter your account number; it asks for confirmation. Confirm it.
  • You will get an OTP or green PIN to your registered number.
  • You must visit the ATM within two days to activate your card.
  • Now, insert the card and see the PIN Change option. Click on it.
  • You have to enter the OTP or Green PIN you got to your registered number.
  • Finally, enter your new PIN. Remember the PIN.
Customer Care:

You can generate a debit card using customer care services instead of visiting the bank. Call the customer care number and select your preferred language. Then, Select the ‘ATM and Prepaid card services’ option.

Now provide the requested details like account number, card number, CVV, and other information. You will get an OTP number. After two days, visit the nearest Kotak Bank ATM to generate the PIN.

You can generate the PIN online using net banking, mobile banking or the official website:

  • Visit the bank’s official website. Click on the PIN generation option.
  • Select your debit card type.
  • Now enter all your card details like CVV, expiry date, card number, and new PIN and confirm it.
  • Then, you will get a pop-up message as your PIN has been generated.
Net Banking:
  • Visit the bank’s official website.
  • Login to your account
  • You will see ‘Debit Card’ in the top right corner. Click on it.
  • Now click on ‘Regenerate PIN.’
  • Could you enter your new PIN and confirm it?
  • Check all your details and confirm them.
Mobile Banking:
  • Install the Kotak 811 app on your mobile.
  • Register into the app using your mobile number and create MPIN.
  • You will see the ‘Service Request’ option. Click on it and then click on ‘Debit card.’
  • Click on the Regenerate option to generate your PIN.
  • Enter your MPIN and verify the account
  • Now, enter your new PIN and click on the ‘Submit’ option.
Physical PIN:

If you think the online process is complex and you want to generate a physical PIN, then,

  • Go to the official bank website—login to your account with your username and password.
  • Select the ‘Debit card’ option and ‘Physical PIN’.
  • Next, enter your card details like debit card number, address, etc. and submit.

You will get your physical PIN to your address within seven days. However, the physical card process may have some charges.

How to block the debit card:

You can block your debit card if you lose it or it is stolen. There are many ways to stop the card. They are:

  • Internet Banking: You can use Internet banking services provided by the bank. Through this, you can report or block the card. It is available on the official website page.
  • Email: You can request card blocking through email. After sending your request along with your details, you will get a confirmation mail from the bank.
  • SMS: You can send an SMS to the bank asking to block the card. They will reply to you asking for confirmation.
  • Customer care: Call the bank’s customer care number. Tell your bank details and request to block the card.
  • Customer care number: 186026626666.


Can I get a debit card in Kotak 811?

Yes, you can get a debit card in Kotak 811.

Can I get a debit card immediately?

After applying, you will get your card within ten working days.

Is Kotak Bank’s debit card free?

No charges are applied to transactions.

Can I use a Kotak debit card at any ATM?

Yes, you can use your Kotak debit card at any ATM.

What is the cost of a Kotak debit card?

The card price is up to Rs. 299 inclusive of tax.

Is Kotak ATM PIN a six-digit?

Yes, you can regenerate a six-digit PIN.

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