How to change your PhonePe password?

Do you want to learn the best way to change the PhonePe password? If yes, you will get all the details on the topic in this article. All you have to do is stick to the given instructions. 

Change PhonePe password: 

PhonePe has become a popular online payment method these days. It was mainly conducted in India. PhonePe is a Unified Payment Interface (UPI) platform allowing users to transfer money without an account number and IFSC code. 

You only need the recipient’s phone number or VPA to transfer money. And you can do it in just two minutes.

However, if we forget your PhonePe password or the password is disclosed to a third party, in such an event, we may be required to change the password

Learn how to change your PhonePe password. You can create an account if you want to know how to set your phone password.

What is UPI?

UPI (Unified Payment Identification Number) is a 4-6 digit secret code that allows you to transfer money. You need to feed your bank account details and create a UPI ID. 

UPI means it is a 24/7 service and can be used from anywhere, any day. Check here the step-by-step directions you can follow to change your PhonePe password.

How to change your PhonePe password?

This article describes step-by-step instructions on how to change your password for your PhonePe. 

  • First, you must open the PhonePe application on your Smartphone. 
  • Then, you need to click on your profile photo. 
  • When you scroll down, you will notice the “Change Password” option. Click on it.
  • Next, enter your password in the box and click Continue. 
  • Enter the password. Then press confirm. 
  • Your account has successfully changed your password.
  • You will automatically remove your password from your PhonePe account when you update it. 
  • You can now use the app with the new password to log in. 

Why has the PhonePe Password Changed?

Sometimes, we must change PhonePe passwords; there is a chance that someone can find your password. However, often, we do not remember our passwords. 

We need to reset the password. In these circumstances, you should change the password to your phone. Listed below is the trick by which you can change the password. 

What should I do if I forget my PhonePe password?

You can reset your password from the application login screen by following the steps below: 

  • Tap Forgot Password. 
  • Enter Your registered mobile number. 
  • Enter the 5-digit reset code/OTP sent by PhonePe to your registered mobile number. 
  • If you have enabled SMS permissions, OTP will be received automatically. 
  • Enter your new 4-digit app password.

Instead, if you log in, 

  • Tap your profile picture on the PhonePe application home screen. 
  • Tap Change Password under the Security section. 
  • Enter your current password. 
  • Note: If you forget your current password, tap Forgot password. 
  • Enter your new password. 
  • Tap Confirm.


I hope you understand that you can change your password for PhonePe. I hope you have learned how to change your passwords on PhonePe with complete information. We request all readers to inform your community, family members, and even your contacts so that they can create awareness among us, and everyone can benefit greatly from this. 


What is a PhonePe password? 

Password is the password used to open the PhonePe app. The PhonePe app is called PhonePe Password. 

Can we change the PhonePe password?

You can change your phone number and password. 

Who owns PhonePe? 

Sameer Nigam founded PhonePe in 2015 and serves as its Chief Executive Officer. Before PhonePe, he worked as SVP of Engineering and VP of Marketing at Flipkart. His Flipkart journey began in 2011 when the company acquired his previous startup – Mime360, a digital media distribution platform.

How can I contact PhonePe Customer Care? 

Grievance Registration: You can access the following channels to escalate your grievance. Call our Customer Support Center at 080-68727374 / 022-68727374.

Can I use a PhonePe wallet without a bank account? 

Yes, you can use the PhonePe Wallet without a bank account.

Is PhonePe safe? 

Every payment was protected on PhonePe. That is why they have advanced security infrastructure to keep your transactions safe. They will do whatever it takes to earn the trust you and 25 crore Indians have placed in PhonePe.

Does Flipkart own PhonePe? 

PhonePe was incorporated in December 2015. Flipkart acquired the company in April 2016. As part of the FxMart license, the Flipkart acquisition had been expressed to PhonePe and rebranded as PhonePe Wallet. Sameer Nigam, the founder of PhonePe, has been appointed the company’s CEO.

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