How to Check SBI Chequebook Status

SBI presents a new feature to customers to check SBI chequebook status online. You may know that you don’t need to visit your bank branch to apply for a chequebook because the bank has offered online and net banking options to request a chequebook. But now, with this new feature, people can conveniently check their chequebook status.

Check SBI Chequebook Status 

It is hard for everyone to visit the branch as they have many other things to do. But these are not provided above every information, so to check the online sbi chequebook status, you need to start with a process. 

That process will lead you to the online status of your chequebook. Mentioned below is the process you need to complete to track the status.

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Why should you check your chequebook status? 

You don’t get instant approval when you apply for a chequebook online or offline. You will have to wait some time for the bank to approve and send your chequebook. 

However, now people can use the online status of their cheques and see whether the request is still pending or whether they have approved their request.

After you check the status, you can get your sbi chequebook in a few days. However, when you apply for a chequebook, you need to check the status after 2 to 3 days because it takes time.

Before checking the chequebook status, first, we must know how to apply chequebook online. So let’s take a quick look to apply chequebook online.

Steps to Apply Online for SBI Cheque Book

  • Visit the official website and log in to your account. 
  • After logging in, click on the ‘Request & Inquiries’ tab.
SBI Cheque Book Status
  • A new webpage will spread on your system. 
  • From the available options, select ‘Cheque Book Services.
Apply Online for SBI Cheque Book
  • Then select ‘Cheque Book Request’. 
  • Select the account for which you like to apply for the chequebook.
  • There are other drop-down menus that you need to fill in, like a multicity option, chequebook number, and several cheque leaves.
Check SBI Cheque Book Status
  • As per the online SBI portal, multicity cheques had issued at your request on this portal. 
  • If you want a regular chequebook, you should contact the home branch. 
  • Charges may apply depending on the type of account you have with the bank.
  • According to the bank’s website, 50 leaves are free per year for senior citizen/salary accounts, and 20 are free per year for other P-segment/AGL segment customers.
  • After filling in the necessary details, click on ‘Submit’. 
  • Verify your chequebook request details. 
  • Select the delivery address where you want to receive the chequebook. 
  • There are three options: Registered Address, Last Available Dispatch Address and New Address. 
  • You can also determine whether you want to share contact details with the courier agent or not.
  • Click on ‘Submit’. 
  • Your request for a new chequebook had submitted. 
  • The chequebook will be delivered to you shortly at your selected address while submitting the request.

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How to request SBI Cheque Book with SBI Yono App? 

You can also request a chequebook with the help of the SBI Yono app; Follow the steps given below: 

  • Use your user ID and password to log in to the SBI YONO application. 
  • Now select the ‘Quick Links’ option and click on ‘Service Request.’ 
  • Click on ‘Cheques’ and select the ‘Request Chequebook’ option. 
  • Next, select your State Bank of India account number for which you want the chequebook.
  • Determine the number of leaves in the chequebooks and submit your request. 
  • Now they will send the chequebook to the registered address.

How to request an SBI chequebook through SMS? 

Suppose your mobile number has registered with an SBI account. In that case, you need to send an SMS to order a chequebook from your registered mobile number. You need to register a bank account for the Quick Banking SMS-based facility. 

  • Go to messages and type “REG<space>account number” and send it to 09223488888. (e.g., REG 30181234646). 
  • After sending the SMS, the registered mobile number will receive a successful registration SMS. 
  • The next step is to request a new chequebook by sending an SMS. 
  • Go to the messaging app on your phone, type “CHQREQ”, and send it to 09223588888. 
  • Check SMS; You will receive an SMS to confirm your request. 
  • Send confirmation SMS to 09223588888. E.g., CHQACC Y 635663 Chequebook had delivered to the registered address by courier within ten days. 

It is how customers of SBI apply for a chequebook through SMS.

How to Check SBI Chequebook Status? 

In the above paragraphs, you give information about requesting a chequebook and checking its online status. We have seen how it works and why to check the online status of the chequebook. 

Here’s how you can check your chequebook status online so without wasting too much time, let’s go through the steps first.

  • You must first log in to your SBI internet banking account visit: After login, click on the Request & Inquiries tab and then click on Chequebook Request. 
  • On the next screen, click on History, select your account number and then click on Submit. 
  • And now you can see your newly issued chequebook details, including issue date and check numbers.
  • It means the bank has accepted your request and issued a chequebook for your account. (Make sure the issue date is the latest) 
  • They will deliver your newly issued chequebook to your mailing address within seven days.

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One can easily check the online status of their chequebook and see when they can get it. Before this feature, you had to wait for the date, but now you can see the actual track of your chequebook. 

It would help if you held in touch with your mailing address as the chequebook had provided. It will deliver within seven working days after confirmation.


1. I am not able to see the date of issue of the new chequebook

Answer: It means, currently, your request is pending; wait for a few days and check the status again. 

2. Can I track the delivery status? 

If the bank has issued a chequebook for your account (you can see the status online), it will deliver in 7-8 days.

3. Will I receive my chequebook at my registered address? 

While making a request, you will give an option to select an address. Then, you can choose the address registered with the bank or enter a new address if you have changed your residence. 

4. How long will it take for my chequebook to reach me? 

They will send your chequebook within three days of receipt of the request by the bank. After that, the time it takes depends on how remote your address is.

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