Closing IndusInd Bank Credit Card: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you want to close your existing IndusInd Credit Card, the bank gives multiple ways. Read below to learn about Closing your IndusInd Bank Credit Card.

Indusind Bank provides a simple method to credit cardholders willing to close their Indusind Credit Card.

How To Close An Indusind Bank Credit Card?

Following are the ways to close IndusInd Credit Card.

Customer Care

IndusInd Bank provides 24/7 customer care service. Cardholders can contact IndusInd Bank to initiate credit card cancellation or closing. The numbers are 18602677777 and 022-42207777.

Write an application

Users can post a written application mentioning all the relevant personal and card information. The address for the letter has given below:

IndusInd Bank Ltd, PO Box 9241, Chakala MIDC, Andheri (E), Mumbai- 400093

Email to IndusInd Bank

You can email the customer care of the IndusInd Bank credit card at with your credit card details and request closure. Please mention your contact details and any specific reason for closing the card.

Online Chat

IndusInd Bank also provides online chat support through its official website, where you can chat with the customer care person and request the closure of your credit card.

What things to Keep in Mind when Closing IndusInd Bank Credit Card?

These are things you need to keep in mind.

Closing IndusInd Bank Credit Card
  • You have to clear all outstanding payments before the filing of the request. IndusInd Bank won’t process the cancellation request if any amount has left on the card.
  • Any automated payments attached to the card must cancel.
  • Use all reward points accrued over the lifetime of the credit card.

New Rules of RBI on Credit Card Closure

These are new rules of RBI.

  • Credit cards shall be closed within seven working days after raising a credit card closure request. However, the card will only be closed if the cardholder has paid off any outstanding money.
  • Credit card issuers will be liable to pay a fine amount of Rs. 500 every day until the card account is not closed after the customer has raised a card closure request.
  • If a card has not to use for a year, the card issuer will deactivate it and notify the user. If the cardholder responds within 30 days, the account will be open.
  • Card issuers must give several channels for submitting a closure request, such as mobile, online banking, a helpline, an IVR, an email address, and a mobile app.
  • If the cardholder’s account still has credit, it should transfer to their bank account.
  • Credit card issuers must notify the credit bureau within 30 days of the closure.

Effects of Closing Your Credit Card

The various ways the credit score is affected has given below:

  • When customers reduce the number of credit cards, their credit limit decreases. And if their expenses do not decrease proportionally, their credit utilization ratio will shoot up. A higher credit utilization ratio will lower the customer’s credit score. It is especially true if the credit utilization ratio shoots past 30%.
  • Customers who close all their credit cards and don’t have any other line of credit will shorten their credit history. It will negatively impact their credit score as well.

What dos and don’ts should you do before closing the IndusInd credit card?

These are the dos and don’ts you have to follow.

  • Clear your outstanding amount on your credit card: Before filing the request, clear off the debt on your card. It doesn’t just include the primary card; we’re also discussing any supplementary card you have taken from the bank. Doing so will save you the uneasiness of the bank sending a letter listing outbalance that needs to be cleared.
  • Gather the rewards: If you have any pending reward points on your credit card account, redeem them before sending the termination request. The bank offers a 30-day window after the cancellation request has been sent, within which you need to redeem the points. Once this period is over, your points will lapse.
  • Drop automated payments: Automating payments on your credit card is simple and saves you the effort of paying each bill individually each month. If you have any payments mapped onto your credit card, cancel them before cancelling the card. Failure to do so could leave you with an additional bill statement, and you will be required to clear the bill to start the cancellation procedure all over again.
  • Please do not use the card: Stop using it for transactions when you cancel it. Why go through clearing bills again when you have decided you don’t want to cancel the card and receive another statement?
  • Please do not keep the card: The bank asks you to send it to them but deface it across the magnetic chip. Make sure to abide by this directive. If you don’t and any fraudulent charges have been made on the card, you will be responsible for clearing the bill.

Does a Closed Credit Card Affect The Credit Score?

Yes. A closed credit card can impact your credit score even more so if the card you cancelled is the oldest one you’ve had.

Also, closing a card will reduce your available credit and boosts the credit utilization ratio, which the bureaus conclude as you increase your expenditures. It could harm your credit score.


Closing an IndusInd Bank credit card is a simple process if you follow the steps mentioned above and keep in mind the important things to consider.

You must pay all outstanding dues, redeem rewards and cashback, follow the closure process, verify the closure, check your credit report, and consider other options before closing the card.


How can I close my IndusInd credit card?

IndusInd Bank provides 24/7 customer care service. Cardholders can contact them to initiate credit card cancellation. The numbers are 18602677777 and 022-42207777.

How can I close my IndusInd credit card permanently online?

Email: You can also email IndusInd Bank customer care at with your credit card details and request closure. Remember to mention your contact details and any specific reason for closing the card.

Will closing my IndusInd credit card impact my credit score immediately?

Yes. A cancelled credit card can impact your credit score even more so if the card you cancelled is the oldest one you’ve had.

What is the 24×7 customer care number of IndusInd Bank?

The customer care number of IndusInd Bank is 1860 267 7777.

Is it necessary to clear all dues on the card before cancelling the credit card?

You must clear the pending dues on the card before requesting cancellation of the IndusInd credit card.

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