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Most of us wonder if choosing a credit card is a good option. When you initially received your first savings credit card, you must have had a lot of doubts in your mind. Is it a good choice? Is it the only option? And what not! More or less, some of you may not even know what it is! We’ve all been there and done that.

What is a First savings credit card?

First savings credit card

First, Savings Card may be the only choice for some and the wrong choice for others. To find out if this card is the right choice for you, continue with this article. This blog is based on its reviews to help you decide whether to use it. So without further ado, let’s begin. 

Designed specifically for people with poor credit scores, the First Savings Credit Card Mastercard had issued by First Savings Bank. You don’t need a security deposit, and you can rebuild a good credit score using your card login. 

The card helps people boost their scores by reporting to the three major credit bureaus. However, its reviews say that you can apply for MasterCard only when you receive a mail or email. It is when you need a noticeably better credit history. 

However, this card has shown growth for their cardholders, but it is an unsecured Mastercard with an interest rate that depends entirely on your creditworthiness. CardLogin offers six different offers based on your credit score and income. Since you can only get your card through mail or email, you may need help understanding the terms and conditions.

Pros and Cons of First Savings Credit Card

If you want to decide whether this Mastercard suits you, knowing its pros and cons is beneficial.

  • It is a card with no security deposit.
  • The cash advance fee is as low as 2%.
  • The annual percentage rate had fixed, so you know the exact amount you owe.
  • Three major credit bureaus report.
  • If you lose your card, there is fraud coverage.
  • First Savings Bank Credit Card enables online account management and online bill payment.
  • You can increase your credit limits within six months.
  • First Savings Credit Card is available and accepted everywhere.
  • Although fixed, the annual percentage rate is high.
  • Annual fees range from $45 to $75.
  • You cannot transfer your balance from another card.
  • You don’t get rewards like other credit cards.
  • One can apply if the invitation is received mainly by mail or email.
  • With the new First Savings Credit Card login, you get a meager credit limit of $350.
  • The first savings MasterCard will take two to four weeks to be approved.

First Savings Credit Card Fees 

The main disadvantage of the First Savings Bank Credit Card is its high fees or Annual Percentage Rate (APR). As discussed, you get six offers depending on your credit score and income. With an interest rate of 16.40% and 0 annual fees, you get offer number 1.

The second offer has an annual percentage rate of 29.9% and an annual fee of $39. Next is a third offer of 29.9% APR and a $75 annual fee. The fourth offer is the same as the third. 

With the third and fourth interest rates and an annual fee of $49, you get the 5th offer. Finally, offer number 6 is 29.9% APR and a yearly fee of $75.

Initially, you start with a card credit limit of $350, which can increase to $1500 if appropriately managed. Furthermore, there are no maintenance fees or application or initiation fees. As we have already discussed, it is not surprising that the annual price is relatively high having said that, other payments are less.

First Savings Credit Card Grace Period

A grace period is an additional time provided to complete payment. It is the time between the bill and the amount due date. First Savings Credit Card gives you a grace period of 25 days. 

You ultimately have 25 days to pay your bills, or interest will charge. If you make a payment before the payment due date, you will not charge any interest. However, they will demand any fee after that with interest.

Benefits and Features of First Savings Master Card

To know what First Savings Credit Card is, we must understand what it offers you and the features it provides.

Credit limit:

Initially, the credit limit is $350, which can increase if you properly manage the first savings credit card. The initial credit limit is up to $1500 based on your credit score—this credit limit increases in six months. 

Withdrawal of cash:

You can access any ATM to withdraw cash using First Savings Bank Credit Card. It is called a cash advance. You’ll mostly see a 3% to 5% cash advance fee, but with this review, you’ll get a 2% fee for a cash advance card Even if the APR remains the same. 

24-hour support:

You will get a support number you can contact in an emergency if you need instant cash advances or want to report a stolen card. You can get the number given to you at any time. Moreover, if you need an immediate replacement, the number will help you in such emergencies.

International transactions:

You can make international transactions without any fees. Unlike other credit cards that charge a fee of 1% to 3% on foreign transactions, it offers these features free of charge. This card is beneficial for those who do frequent international transactions.

Protect against theft:

The Bank will fully bear any transaction not authorized by you, and you will not be liable for it. Also, regularly monitoring your card can help you check if your card had stolen and used illegally. It had audited all transactions.

A credit score is required:

There is no specific requirement for credit score mentioned by First Savings Bank. However, only people with poor or bad credit scores will get an invitation. So, keeping that in mind, any credit score below 58 is considered insufficient or inadequate. Additional users

Gifts and transfers:

If you’re looking for cards that offer rewards, the First Savings credit card isn’t for you. It doesn’t provide tips regardless of how well or well you perform.

How to get your First Savings Credit Card? 

Pros and Cons of First Savings Credit Card
  • You must have received a mail to apply for a First Savings Bank Credit Card. 
  • After you receive the offer, you need to go to the first savings website.
  • You can see a green button that says Accept Online. Tap on it.
  • Your invitation offer will provide you with an access code and registration number. 
  • Enter both after clicking on Accept Online button. 
  • For your reference, there are graphics on the website. 
  • After you type in the codes, it will direct you to the first savings card login application page.
  • Along with all your data, provide your income and employment status. 
  • Once you have added all your details correctly, apply.
  • First Savings Credit Card According to Review, you are still determining when your application will be approved, but it can take around two to four weeks.

How do I check the status of my First Savings credit card application? 

To check the status of your First Savings credit card application, dial (605) 782-3434 and follow the prompts.

If your application turns out to reject, there is still some hope. Call (605) 782-3434 and wait until you have connected to a representative for a review.

Registration Process of First Savings credit card

Please check the below steps to register a new account:

First Savings credit card Registration
  • Open the official website and the login page by clicking the account login.
  • On the login page, click the Register New User link. 
  • A new account registration form will appear on the screen.
  • Fill out this registration form by entering your credit card details, new username and password, email address, and mobile number. 
  • After entering all the details, click the register button.
  • Verify your email address and mobile number if asked. 
  • Your registration is complete, and you can log into your account utilizing the username and password you created.

First Savings Credit Card Payment

Credit card payments are easy if you register with an online website. You can make an online payment anytime. Other payment options are also available, as mentioned below.

Payment by Mail:
  • Customers can mail their checks or money order to the address mentioned below.
  • Address: First Savings Credit Card, PO Box 2509, Omaha, NE 68103-2509
  • Remember to write your credit card account number on the check or money order.
Online Payment:

Set up a payment method by logging into your online account and adding a checking account. Then pay your bill or schedule your payment. Customers can also enroll in automatic payment after logging into their accounts. 

Currently, the automatic payment option is only available through a checking account. After enrolling in automatic payment, the required amount will be debited from your checking a/c each month.

Phone Payment:

Customers can call the customer service number and use the automated phone line to pay their credit card bills. This service is free to use.

Customers can also speak to a customer service representative to pay their card bill through a debit card. This service is chargeable, and $3.95 had charged per payment.

Cash Payment:

Customers can also make payments through cash by visiting cash payment locations. Users can search for the nearest site.

Other options:

Customers can also use the MoneyGram payment service using the 3890 code and Western Union service using the city/state code “FSCC/SD.” 

First Savings Credit Card Customer Service

For any inquiry regarding your account, please speak with a customer service representative at 1-888-469-0291.


How to cancel First Savings Credit Card?

If you want to cancel your First Savings Credit Card, you must write to First Savings. You must halve your cards and return them to the first savings. 

Does First Savings Credit Card Increase?

You can increase your First Savings Credit Card credit limit by calling (888) 469-0291. 

Can I use my First Savings Credit Card anywhere?

First Savings Credit Card offers convenience wherever you utilize your MasterCard ® credit card to make everyday purchases, dine out at restaurants or shop online. 

Is First Savings Bank legit?

First Savings Bank is the legitimate banking choice for people in the six states it serves.

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