How to cancel the milestone credit card?

Canceling your Milestone credit card is a good idea — but only if you carefully consider how it will affect your lifestyle. So in this article will see how to Cancel the Milestone Credit Card.

Cancel milestone credit card

If you find a better credit card that meets your unique needs or works for you at a lower price, you can cancel your Milestone credit card immediately. It’s also a good idea to cancel a credit card if your account is new, as it will have less effect on your credit score.

Milestone Credit Card

But learning how to cancel a Milestone credit card correctly can smooth the transition to a new/replacement credit card. In this post, I’ll break down how to balance a Milestone credit card into five easy steps.

How to Cancel Your Milestone Credit Card?

Here are the steps to cancel your Milestone credit card account.

Make sure there is no balance in the account:

Before contacting Customer Service to close your account, confirm that you have no balance by logging into your online account.

Do you need help remembering your Milestone password? You are not alone! Consider using a password manager to help with online accounts.

Milestone will officially close your account once you pay the balance. However, if you contact Milestone, a customer service representative can disable the credit card so that you had not tempted to use it when paying the amount you owe.

Contact Milestone:

The easiest way to contact any customer service representative for a credit card company is to call the mobile number on the back of the card or the number found on your billing statement. For example, the average customer care number for Milestone is 1-866-453-2636.

A customer service representative working for Milestone (or any other credit card company) may encourage you to keep your account open by offering rewards or special promotions.

Receive a confirmation that the account has been closed:

Once your account balance is zero and you’ve completed your account, you should receive written confirmation – usually by mail. 

If you do not receive a written or emailed communication from Milestone, follow up with a written notice containing your name, address, contact phone number, and credit card number.

Request to close your account and ask for written confirmation once this had done. Send a certified or registered letter and keep a copy of the letter.

Having a paper trail when closing an account is always a good idea, as it may help you dispute fraudulent or erroneous charges placed on your invoice after it’s closed.

Check your credit report:

Wait 30 days after your account is closed and check your credit report to ensure Milestone has yet to list as a current account.

How to Cancel a Deceased Milestone Credit Card?

You may have recently lost a loved one if you are reading this. Please accept our condolences. We know you’re probably overwhelmed with everything you must do after a loved one dies. But, unfortunately, you should contact your loved one’s credit card companies even though you are probably overwhelmed.

Please understand that the deceased’s credit card accounts had not settled within hours or days of death. Of course, keep the credit card company from convincing you to use your funds to pay off the balance. However, notifying credit card companies of the death may prevent fraudulent charges from occurring on the account.

Please start the process by going through the deceased person’s wallet and calling the numbers on the back of all their credit cards. You can also look through bills or emails (if you have access) to find other accounts in your loved one’s name.

Next, the estate executor will have to follow the Milestone – but only after you have received the necessary documents, such as copies of the death certificate. As a side note, most full-service funeral home staff will help you order certified copies of the death certificate. Funeral home staff usually notifies the Social Security Administration of the death. 

The agency then notifies the country’s major credit agencies, which flag the deceased’s Social security number so that no new accounts can open using their identity. Don’t use your loved one’s Milestone credit card after their death. Now that you understand what happens to financial reports after a person dies, here are the steps to cancel your deceased loved one’s Milestone credit card account. 

Contact the Milestone Customer Service Department:

Milestone has yet to have a survivor relations or estate team phone number available online. It leads us to assume you must go through normal customer service channels to close the deceased’s account.

  • The average customer care number for Milestone is 1-866-453-2636.
  • It is the only address we could find for Milestone: Genesis FS Card Services, PO Box 4477 Beaverton, OR 97076-4477

However, a customer care team member can provide you with a better way to submit the necessary documents after the death of your loved one. 

Provide the necessary information and documents :

Closing a credit card account is much simpler than closing a bank account because your loved one has no assets in their credit card account. Once the balance is zero – you may need a copy of your loved death certificate to close the account.

However, here is general information that had usually gathered when dealing with a deceased person’s financial afterlife:

  • Dead’s name and social security number
  • Deceased’s date of birth and date of death
  • Account No
  • A copy of their death certificate
  • Copy of Letters of Administration or Letters of Testamentary (to prove that you are authorized to act on behalf of the estate)
  • And the composition of the letter of instruction for each executor and beneficiary

Closing your loved one’s credit card account can take patience. Please understand that a Milestone customer service team member can only provide you with the account balance with proper court authorization. 

Additionally, the estate executor will use the deceased’s assets to pay if there is a balance on the Milestone credit card account. It may prolong the process of closing the account.

If the account has a co-owner, the co-owner must apply for a new Milestone Credit Card account instead of transferring it to their name.

Ask for confirmation:

After paying the balance, ensure you receive confirmation from Milestone that the account has been closed. Keep this documentation with the estate paperwork.

What to Do After Canceling Milestone Credit Card?

Check Your Credit Report:

There must be a way to predict how much canceling your credit card will impact your credit score. It depends on several factors, including your credit limit, payment history, and your use of the Milestone Card.

Your credit score will fall a few points, but expecting it to return to normal in the short term is reasonable. But more importantly, you must check your report to ensure your account is closed.

If your statement does not report that your account has been closed, contact Milestone and request the correct reporting. If Milestone fails to register your account as completed within two weeks, note the discrepancy to the credit bureau. They help to solve the problem.

Discard the credit card:

Cut up your Milestone credit card and dispose of it once it has officially been canceled.

Customer Service

  • Customer care: 1-800-305-0330
  • Fax: 503-268-4711

Correspondence address:

  • Genesis FS Card Services, PO Box 4477
  • Beaverton, OR 97076-4477


Now you know how to cancel a Milestone credit card the right way. Ensure you stay away from websites claiming to cancel your Milestone credit card for you – there is no such thing, and you risk hacking.


Can a client cancel a milestone?

Yes, a milestone in an order or the entire order can cancel by Resolution Center or Customer Support for valid reasons. 

What is the annual fee for the Milestone Credit Card?

Milestone ® MasterCard ® comes with an annual fee of $75 for the first year; $99 after that (you can see different offers on Credit Karma).

How do I cancel my credit card immediately?

Call your bank

Does canceling a credit card lower your credit score?

The longer you have credit, the better it is for your credit score. Your score had based on the average age of all your accounts, so closing one that’s been open too long can significantly lower your score. Completing a new report has little effect.

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