Closing Your Indigo Credit Card | A Quick & Easy Process

Are you thinking of closing your Indigo credit card? Whatever the cause, closing a credit card needs carefulness and a few fundamental steps to confirm a smooth operation. You have to contact the Indigo customer service unit.

To close your Indigo Card, Do the following

  • Call your card issuer at 866-946-9545.
  • Share your details, including your name, DOB, and Social Security Number.
  • Tell them you want to close your credit card and a reason.
  • Follow the process they ask you to follow.
  • Once they process it, wait 24-48 hours; you will receive a guarantee on your email address.

Aspects to Think before closing Indigo Credit Card

These are the factors you need to consider.

  • Clear off your credit card balance.
  • Check on your subscriptions and recurring payments.
  • Contact customer care.
  • Ask for an official statement.
  • Check your credit report.
  • Thrash your card.

How to Close Indigo Credit Card?

These are the steps you need to follow to cancel. You can close your Indigo credit card through mobile at (800) 353-5920.

How to Close Indigo Credit Card

Remember that if credit remains on the canceled account, you must make at least the minimum monthly payment until the balance is full. Update the payment plan for recurring charges linked to Indigo Credit Card.

Step 1: Contact customer service at Indigo

The Indigo customer service phone number is 866-946-9545. Sadly, the customer service timings have not been listed on the website. 

Calling is the only way to reach Indigo customer service. Unhappily, there is no chat feature open on the website. However, you might discover one if you log into your account.

Step 2: Return your Indigo credit card

According to the website, “The closure of Account will not become effective until you have returned all the Cards we have given you to us.” Sadly, the cardholder agreement doesn’t give specific instructions for returning the cards.

Address: Genesis FS Card Services, PO Box 4477, Beaverton, OR 97076-4477

Step 3: Stop the usage of the Indio credit card

The cardholder contract says that users need to stop using the Indigo card after canceling it. You must also cancel all automatic billing agreements on the account because the company won’t do that for you. 

The contract you sign has extra wording that makes it abundantly clear that if you continue to use the card after “canceling it” with the company, “You must still pay us all amounts you owe on the Account, even if they has charged after your Account is shut or discontinued.”

How can I cancel my Indigo Credit Card application?

To cancel your application, call (866) 946-9545. however, if the issuer already processed your application, it likely did a hard pull, too. It may or may not affect your credit score for a little while.

Does the Indigo Credit Card have a cancellation fee?

No, It doesn’t have a cancellation fee.

You can cancel your Indigo Credit Card for free by calling (866) 946-9545. Pay back what you owe on the card first to avoid extra interest payments.


Closing your Indigo credit card needs careful review and an ordered process. Consider your decision, pay the credit, and contact customer care service. By taking these steps, you can successfully close your Indigo credit card.


How do I close my Indigo credit card?

You can cancel your Indigo Credit Card; please call (866) 946-9545. Pay back what you owe on the card first to avoid more interest costs.

How can I contact Indigo Customer Service?

Genesis FS Card Services | PO Box 4477 Beaverton, OR | 97076-4477 Our toll-free customer care service: 1-800-353-5920

Can I cancel the Indigo credit card on my own?

No, you can not cancel the card on your own. To cancel the card, you have to contact the issuer and ask them to cancel it.

Can I close my credit card with the balance?

No, even if you close your credit card with the balance, you will charge interest and, finally, have to pay much more than you had to pay. It will also impact your credit report; we advise you to clear your dues first.

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