How to destroy metal credit cards?

Plastic credit cards had easily destroyed by cutting them with household scissors. But in recent years, some card issuers have started issuing metal credit cards. This article discusses how to destroy metal credit cards and more.

Destroy metal credit cards.

Destroy metal credit cards

Although they become a status symbol, the problem comes when figuring out how to dispose of metal credit cards. It is a good practice to destroy a mental credit card after you use it so that no one can access your personal information. 

However, destroy of a metal credit card is more complex than using ordinary scissors. Thankfully, there are some options to consider if you like to know how to dispose of a metal credit card.

Why should we destroy a metal credit card?

The biggest reason to destroy a mental credit card is to ensure no one can use your credit card information.

Although most credit card companies have a $0 fraud liability policy, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of unauthorized purchases. And if you cancel or expire your credit card, you’ll want to destroy it because it contains personal information that can use in various forms of identity theft.

Things to Consider Before Destroying a metal credit card

Before destroying a metal credit card, make sure it makes sense to cancel your account.

If you still use a credit card through automatic payments or recurring purchases, cancel or move them to other cards. Any such investments will decline when you close your a/c and dispose of your Metal Credit Card.

Also, consider any potential effects on your credit score from closing your account. Closing an account can increase your credit utilization ratio because you have less available credit overall and can also age your funds depending on how long you’ve had your account.

 Both factors can lead to a drop in your credit score. Before closing your account, you should also look at your rewards to ensure you keep what you’ve already earned. 

Remember that you still have to pay off your card balance in full. Keep a look out for any final payments after your account is closed.

Ways to Destroy a Metal Credit Card

If you want to move on, here are some options for disposing of a metal credit card.

Sending the card back to your credit card issuer:

One of the perfect ways to dispose of a metal credit card is to give it back directly to your credit card issuer. If you ask, most credit card issuers will give you a postage-paid envelope to return your metal credit card. It is a great (and relatively safe) way to dispose of your metal credit card.

Returning it to the physical bank branch:

Another best option for returning your metal credit card to your credit card issuer is to bring it to a physical bank branch. Of course, this is only viable if your issuer has physical branches near you. If your credit card has reached its expiration date and you need to get rid of it, this is a reasonable option.

Keeping away:

Another choice for disposing of a metal credit card is to keep it somewhere safe in your home. It could be a filing cabinet, a sock drawer, or anywhere else in your home. While there are better long-term solutions than this, it may work in the short term, as some risk is involved.

Destroying it on your own

A final option for disposing of a metal credit card you no longer use is to destroy it yourself. After all, it’s the preferred solution for most non-metal credit cards. And it’s still possible with a metal credit card, although it’s a little trickier, as you’ll see in the next section.

How to destroy a metal credit card on your own?

For those who want to DIY to destroy their metal card, here’s how we destroy metal credit cards.

Utilizing tin snips:

If we have a pair of tin snips, this is a straightforward way to destroy a metal credit card. Tin snips make quick work of most metal credit cards. If we don’t have a pair of tin snips, check with friends and family to see if you can borrow a couple.

Using heavy-duty scissors:

Most traditional or kitchen scissors will only do a little for a metal credit card, but you might be in luck if you have a heavy-duty pair of scissors. Heavy-duty scissors made of steel or titanium can help you destroy a metal credit card.

Mutilate it with pliers:

If you need heavy scissors or tin snips, another option is to use a simple pair of pliers. While there are more practical ways to dispose of a metal credit card, it might be worth a try.

Drilling holes into it:

If you have a power drill with metal cutting bits, you can dispose of it by punching holes in your metal credit card. You must punch enough holes in your card to remove your personal information and the EMV chip. Remember, you need a powerful drill with special bits – a routine is unlikely to do the job.

Utilizing a blow torch:

If you have a way to a blow torch and know enough about it to use it safely, you might have luck using it to destroy your metal credit card. However, if you have a shop big enough to have a blow torch, you also have a pair of tin snips. It will be easy, but it could be more fun!

Throwing in your fire pit

While you can destroy your metal credit card by throwing it in your fireplace, there may be more environmentally conscious ways to dispose of it. Most metal credit cards contain different types of metals that may be unsafe to burn.

Avoid these processes for discarding a metal credit card

Among the many ways you can dispose of your metal credit card, here are plans to clear it.

Provision to Third-Party Services:

One of the best credit card rules is to keep your personal information private from others. It is still valid even if your credit card account is closed. Your personal information may still use for identity theft or other nefarious purposes. Destroy your metal credit card or deal directly with your credit card issuer.

Throwing it away or recycling it:

You should also avoid throwing away or recycling your metal credit card. Maybe you’re trying to take advantage of “security by obscurity,” hoping no one will find out. But because of how a card works, it’s easy for anyone with your card to access your account and your data. Don’t take that risk – dispose of your card responsibly.

Using a paper shredder:

While most paper shredders can shred a non-metal credit card, your typical paper shredder is unlikely to handle a metal credit card. You could damage your paper shredder and still have an intact metal credit card.

Using traditional scissors:

Traditional kitchen scissors will not destroy most metal credit cards. While you’re unlikely to damage your scissors, you won’t make any progress trying to ruin your metal card with a standard pair of scissors.


Although destroying a metal credit card is more complicated than getting rid of a plastic credit card, it’s still important to do it. You don’t want your personal information to leak to anyone. 

Even if your card account is closed, there is a risk that someone could use the card to steal your identity. The safest way to dispose of a metal credit card is to return it to your credit card issuer safely.


What is the easiest way to destroy a credit card?

The safest way to dispose of a metal credit card is to return it to your credit card issuer safely. Most credit card suppliers will send you a postage-paid envelope that allows you to return the metal card to them. Alternatively, you can send it back directly to the physical branch location.

How do I dispose of a metal credit card at home?

One of the safest ways to get rid of metal credit cards at home is to use tin snips. If you have a pair of tin snips, they make quick work of a metal credit card. Make sure to be careful with the rough metal edges after you cut it.

Can you burn a metal credit card?

Burning a metal credit card is possible, but it may not be the most environmentally conscious thing. Burning a metal credit card can release toxic gases into the air.

Can I destroy my metal credit card with tin snips?

Yes, destroying a metal credit card with tin snips is one of the easiest ways to dispose of a metal credit card. Of all the options for shredding a metal credit card at home, tin snips are the most common tool in most credit card users’ homes.