How to request a Canara Bank Cheque book online & via SMS?

Are you looking for a way to request a Canara bank chequebook for your newly opened account? This article provides you with all the details about applying for a chequebook. You can also get other details regarding other banking services.

Canara bank Cheque book apply online

Canara Bank Chequebook:

Canara Bank is one of India’s largest and most trustworthy public sector banks. The headquarters is in Mangalore, established in 1906. It has many branches in India, London, Dubai, and New York.

The bank provides its customers with many services and facilities like credit cards, loans, chequebooks, etc. Chequebooks are given to every new account and existing account holder. Their services are available both online and offline. You can also request a Canara bank chequebook if all your cheque slips are over.

Ways to apply for Canara Bank Cheque book:

The bank provides its customers with many ways to apply for a chequebook. They are:


This is one of the simplest and fastest ways to request a Canara Bank chequebook. You need to send an SMS as ‘CHQ’ <space> account number last four digits to 09266623333

E.g., CHQ 7765

After sending the SMS to the given number, they will send you a confirmation message. Then, after confirmation, you will get your Chequebook within seven days.

By internet banking:

Most people use this method to request anything from the bank as the internet services are easy and available every time. Follow the steps below to use Internet banking to request a Canara Bank chequebook.

  • Go to the bank’s official website and log in to your account.
  •  On the homepage, find the ‘Request tab.’ Click on it.
  •  Under that, select the ‘cheques’ option and then select ‘Chequebook request.’
  •  Then, a new page will appear with the requirements you need to fill in.
  •  Select your account number if you have multiple accounts in Canara Bank.
  •  Choose your delivery mode and submit the request by clicking on ‘Submit.’
  •  You will get a confirmation message confirming it.
Mobile Banking:
  • Firstly, install the mobile banking app on your phone.
  •  Secondly, login to your account using your username and password.
  •  Find the request tab and select it.
  •  Now, select the ‘Chequebook request’ option.
  •  Enter your account type and click on ‘OK.’

The minimum time it takes to deliver your Chequebook is 15 days.

Call Customer Care:

You need to call the bank’s customer care, i.e., 1800420018. Call them, give your account details, and request a Canara bank chequebook. It may take 1- 3 weeks to deliver the Chequebook through this process.

Visit the nearest ATM:

Visit the nearest Canara bank ATM. Insert your card, followed by entering the PIN. Now, on the screen, you will find many options, including ‘chequebook request.’ Select that and request a chequebook. The bank will send you a confirmation message regarding the acceptance of the request. It may take 1-3 weeks to get your Chequebook.

Go to the nearest branch:

Visit the nearest bank branch. Go to the counter and ask them about the Chequebook. They will give you a form, fill it out, and submit it to them. After submission, they will process your request. This way, you can get a Canara bank chequebook.

Canara Bank Cheque book charges:

After requesting your Canara Bank Chequebook using the above methods, you will receive your booklet. The charges for it are free up to the limit. A new savings account consists of 20 leaves. If you exceed the limit, they charge up to Rs. 3/- per cheque bill.

How do you track the status of the Chequebook request?

After requesting a Canara Bank chequebook, they will send an SMS to your number with a shipping date and delivery date. It also has the tracking number. The Chequebook will be sent to the nearest post office.

Now, visit the post office’s official website. Enter the tracking number and view your status.

You can also track it using internet banking.

  • Go to the website of the bank.
  •  On the homepage, click on the inquiry option.
  •  Under that, go to the status section of the Chequebook.
  •  Now, enter your account number in the menu.
  •  Next, click on the go icon.
  •  On the screen, you will see your chequebook status.

How to fill out a chequebook?

Knowing how to fill out a cheque without making mistakes is important. It applies to every bank’s Chequebook along with the Canara Bank chequebook.

  • Firstly, write the date on which you are filling out the cheque.
  •  Name of the cheque receiver.
  •  Enter the amount in words.
  •  Now, enter the amount in numbers.
  •  Sign the cheque.

The sign you put on a cheque should match the sign you put while opening the account.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How do you apply for a chequebook in Canara Bank?

You can apply your Chequebook in Canara Bank using online and offline methods.

Where is the customer ID in the Canara bank chequebook?

The customer ID is on the first page of the Chequebook, along with the account number and account holder’s name.

When will you receive your Chequebook after the request?

It takes nearly 7 to 10 days to get delivered.

Which bank gives chequebooks fast?

ICICI Bank provides its customers with fast and immediate services.

Do chequebooks expire?

The chequebooks of personal business and payroll are good for six months.

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