Valor Credit card Machine | Features & Contactless Payments

Carrying a large amount of money can be tiring if you consider paying various bills. That’s where the Valor VL100 Countertop Credit Card machine comes in. 

You must swipe your card, and all payments had made! It has made the job easier as we are trying to promote cashless payments due to the pandemic.

Now that we understand what the Valor VL100 Countertop Credit Card Terminal does, let’s look at some of its best features and why you should buy it.

Valor Credit card Machine

Valor Credit Card Machine Features 

A stunning display: 

Nowadays, people expect big displays. Everything from cars to fast food kiosks has large displays for users to access information and provide input. 

And the Valor VL100 is good in this area. Because the VL100 not only has a large, clear, 3.5″ color TFT LCD with 320×480 pixels but also provides tons of useful information on that display.

Rather than being pretty without function, the VL100’s display provides a clear understanding to the user by showing the entire transaction. It means customers can see product amount, tax, tip, cashless charges, and total amount on a single screen. 

Couple this with the already useful touch-screen features that allow signature captures, and you have one of the most valuable displays on any small countertop terminal.

Standard keypad: 

While a touch-screen display is very useful, many still prefer the tactile response of physical keys. Fortunately, the Valor credit card machine also has a 16-button keypad that had intuitively designed to make payment confirmations and numeric input a breeze. 

Paperless Signature and Receipt Options:

Another way the VL100 shines is by saving the customer time, hassle, and paper. It’s paperless, thanks to signature and receipt options. As mentioned earlier, the touch screen allows customers to sign on screen, so a paper copy of the signed receipt is no longer necessary. 

In addition, it can send the receipt as an email or SMS to the customer, so they always have quick access to their transaction records.

Thermal printer: 

However, some people require paper receipts. No need to worry: the 57mm x 50mm built-in thermal printer spits out slips at a blazing speed of 100mm/s, providing convenient receipts for those who need physical copies. 

Mobile Size: 

With all the useful features of the Valor VL100, it should be big and bulky. But they should think again: The Valor credit card machine strikes a balance between substance and portability at 78mm wide (3″) x 190mm (7.5″) x 78 long (3″) long. 

It’s about the size of a big, thick Smartphone. And just 350 grams (.77 lbs). It is also close to the same weight.

Mag Card/Chip Card Friendly: 

Both chip card and magstripe play well with the VL100. It’s ISO 7810, 7811, and 7813 triple track, thanks to a bi-directional magnetic stripe reader and a chip card port below the keypad.

Good Battery: 

Not only are the sizes mobile-friendly, but so is the optional energy source: the Valor VL100 packs a 1150mAh Li-Polymer 7.4~8.2V rechargeable battery to provide ample, all-day power.

Auto-connection failback mechanism: 

The auto-connection failback mechanism is another unique feature developed to make your life easier. 

The VL100 is programmed to switch to another connection when the primary connection fails automatically. For example, if an Ethernet connection fails, it switches to Wi-Fi to re-establish the connection.

Does the Valor credit card machine accept contactless payments? 

Yes. And for a good reason: the pandemic has fueled a huge surge in contactless fees and mobile wallets. Not to be left back, the VL100 accepts contactless payments. 

These payments have digital wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Samsung Pay, MasterCard PayPass, and Visa payWave.

Not only that, but the VL100 is also NFC-capable and ready to accept contactless credit cards for fast, touch-free payments. 


For those deciding which credit card terminal to choose, The Waller 100 Countertop Credit Card Terminal is the way forward. It’s a feature-rich device rivals more expensive models, and the user experience is far superior. 

It supports contactless payment options, making it ideal for businesses that have restarted operations and intend to adhere to COVID-19 health guidelines. It’s 100% worth it!


Is the Valor Credit card Machine wireless? 

Speaking of connection features, the VL100 has several ways to connect—including various wireless connections. Of course, there is an Ethernet port. But as mentioned earlier, it also has Wi-Fi capabilities, and a 4g capable model called VL110 GPRS.

How safe is VL100? 

Business owners and customers alike will be relieved to know that the VL100 meets the latest security standards with EMV 4xL1 and L2 certification and PCI PTS 4x certification.

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