How long does a dispute with Woodforest bank take?

Due to many reasons, a dispute with Woodforest bank happens. Whatever the reason is, a customer should know how long it takes. To know about the details, you can read this article. You can also learn about the banks, how to file, Customer services, etc.

How long does a dispute with Woodforest bank take

About the dispute with Woodforest bank:

Woodforest is a national bank in the USA with many financial services like loans, debit cards, credit cards,s, etc. For many reasons, there may be a dispute between Woodforest bank and its customers. It may be because of overdrafts, extra charges, and more.

The bank will allow up to 3 times of drafts. For every action, they charge up to $32. There will be no charge for only $1 of the overdraft. They will provide their services to avoid costly fees, but they charge high costs sometimes, which cause a dispute.

How long does a dispute with Woodforest bank take?

Whenever there is a dispute with Woodforest, it is important to know how long it takes to clear. If there is an issue with their services, the customer can file a complaint with Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

They will clear the issue by proper investigation. After filing the case in CFPB, they send it to the bank for a response. They should respond within 15 days. CFPB will get back to you immediately after getting a response from the bank regarding the issue. If the issue can be resolved, then they will solve the complaint.

Details to file a dispute:

To file a dispute with Woodforest bank, you need to have these details and provide them to the bank.

  • Account number
  • Applicants full name
  • Dispute complete details.

After giving, they will investigate it and resolve it within 30 days. If your charges are removed, they will directly remove them. If not, they will send an explanation letter.

How to file a dispute with Woodforest?

There are many reasons for a dispute with a bank. A customer can file a dispute with the bank through call, email, or mail to the bank’s address. Here are the contact details of the bank.

Phone number:

Call 1-877-968-7692 to file a complaint. After calling them, they ask you to type a number to address your problem. To file a dispute, click 0, and they will forward the call to the officer.

Email: Send a mail with your name, branch name, account number, and dispute details.

Through regular mail:

Write a letter to the below address with your name, account details, and dispute details.

Woodforest National bank,
Attention: Customer dispute resolution unit. 11700, Northwest FWY, Houston, Texas.

Through internet:

To file a dispute with Woodforest bank, firstly, customers should sign in to the bank’s account. Then you can see the dispute complaint page. Please fill out the dispute form and submit it.

Process of a dispute with Woodforest:

Firstly, contact the merchant when you have any issue regarding a dispute with Woodforest bank, like extra charges, fees, overdrafts, etc. After calling them, explain the details and try to resolve it.

You can contact the bank to file a dispute if you can’t reach them. After you file a dispute, you will get a notice within ten days from the bank. It will have the details about your claim, whether they will process it or not. They will investigate and resolve it within 45 days if they want to process it. If they still need to, they will send a written explanation.


Here are some tips to resolve a dispute with Woodforest bank.

  • You should have all the transaction details with you.
  • Remember all your call details.
  • Explain the issue clearly to the representative
  • Ask for refund
  • Provide documents that support the claim if possible.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

How long does it take to review a Woodforest check?

After submitting the form review will complete on the same day.

How to avoid disputes with Woodforest?

You can avoid it by carefully reading all the documents and keeping updated with your account.

How to win a dispute with Woodforest bank?

The applicant must provide evidence that is appealing the claim correctly.

What to do if a bank doesn’t respond to a dispute?

Every customer has a right to add a statement to their credit file according to the contract.

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