How to remove the hold on a bank account?

Due to many reasons, a bank will hold the bank account. Even though there are many online services to deposit money, your account gets held. A bank account commonly gets held due to depositing a significant amount. You can read this article to know how to remove the holding, its preventions, reasons, etc.

What is the hold on a bank account?

Hold on a bank account

The hold on a bank account means the customer cannot withdraw or deposit money from their accounts. The ‘Hold’ period lasts 2 to 3 days and can resolve by contacting the bank. If the hold is more than five days, it can call an ‘account freeze.’ During the hold period, the customers can see the deposit amount. Still, the amount will not be added to the account balance.

Reasons for a hold on a bank account:

There are various kinds of reasons that a bank puts a hold on a bank account. By knowing your reason, you can resolve the issue accordingly. During the hold period, the customers can’t access the amount in their accounts. Some of the reasons are,

  • Large amount deposits: They usually put a bank account on hold mainly if the customer deposits a significant amount. The bank will verify the source of the funds, which takes some time. The bank puts on hold even substantial sums of the amount deposited multiple times in a short period.
  • Check discrepancies: One of the main reasons banks put an account on hold is that checks are considered uncollectible. It might be due to the bill being six months old during the deposit.
  • Check processing time: Every check deposit takes a specific time to process. The bank will put it on hold during the entire check processing time because there may be a chance of a check bounce or other reasons.
  • Due to security: If any suspect in a customer’s action is fraud or illegal activity is found, they put the account on hold, sometimes leading to an account freeze.

How long hold on a bank account last?

Every customer experiences hold on a bank account occasionally. There may be many reasons for saving, and you cannot use the balance amount during this period. The bank will release the holding on the same day or in 11 days, based on the cause. The deposit of funds can make immediately but only between Monday-Friday.

How to remove the hold on a bank account?

It may be frustrating to refrain from using your money from the account. To resolve this issue, you can use your funds. Follow the below steps to remove the hold on a bank account. They are,

Visit the bank:

You can remove the hold by visiting the nearest bank branch. After going there, ask them why they put a hold on your account and ask them to remove it. They will tell you the procedure to remove it and how long it stays. This is most common in many banks, and you cannot do anything about it other than inform them.

Contact the bank’s customer service:

Banks will provide customer service numbers to their customers. Call customer service, give your bank details, and ask about the holding. After giving your details, resolve it by asking them to release it.

Wait for release:

If a bank puts a hold on your account, you can do nothing about it. You can only wait until the bank releases it. You can inform it the bank has verified your budget and the reason for removing it. The holding period only takes a few days, and later you can use the funds as you wish.

How to prevent a bank account hold?

You can prevent getting a hold of a bank account in some ways. Using these ways, you can avoid visiting the banks and use your funds freely without any disturbances. They are,


Prevent the bank account holds by signing up for direct deposits of your paychecks to your account. If your current company offers any direct deposit, sign up for it. The company directly deposits money electronically into your account. It can avoid a continuous visit to the bank.

Large deposits:

If you want to deposit significant funds in your account, talk with the bank’s cashier beforehand. This process will take only a short period, and you can quickly deposit money without any holds.

In-person deposits:

The best way to avoid holds is to deposit any sum of funds in person by visiting the bank. If there is any issue, you can solve it immediately.

Debit cards:

Ask the merchant to hold policies on a debit card to avoid holds, and you can use your funds anytime.


There are many reasons a bank puts a hold on a bank account, like security, large deposits, check bounces, etc. The holding lasts 2 to 3 days and will release on the same day or within 11 days. You can follow the steps in the article to remove the holding, like visiting the banks, contacting customer care, or waiting. By following a few steps, you can prevent holding beforehand.


How long does a bank account hold last?

The bank releases the holding on the same day or within 11 days.

What are the main reasons for account holding?

The main reasons are large deposits, check bounces, security, etc.

Can we use the funds if an account is frozen?

No, when an account is frozen, you cannot use the funds like transitions, withdrawals, deposits, etc.

What happens if we deposit money when it is on hold?

If you deposit funds during the hold period, you can view the deposit money, but it will not appear on the balance. You cannot use the deposit funds.

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