Westgate Credit Card | Benefits, Rewards & Apply

The World of Westgate Credit Card, issued by First Electric Ban. Offers timeshare owners and resort guests the opportunity to earn rewards points eligible for redemption only at Westgate resorts. 

Westgate Credit Card Overview

This card earns 3% rewards on Westgate Rewards purchases. And 1% rewards everywhere else, which doesn’t quite compete with the value offered by the best travel rewards cards.

While the card doesn’t charge an annual fee and offers a welcome bonus, it allows cardholders to earn 50,000 points, redeemable for $50 back on future purchases at Westgate Resorts after making three purchases within the first 180 days.

Westgate Resorts

The card’s lack of additional benefits means it only offers a little value than its rewards structure. Westgate Resorts, the world’s largest privately held timeshare company, has indicated that potential cardholders can apply for the card on the Imprint app without impacting credit scores. The printing app allows cardholders to use the card instantly without waiting for a physical copy to arrive. 

Timeshare owners can redeem rewards for Westgate mortgage payments (card issuers also promote the ability to earn rewards on mortgage payments using the card), on Westgate resort vacations, at Westgate resort restaurants, and with other Westgate retail vendors. 

These limited redemption options are unlikely to compete with many potential cardholders’ cash-back or more flexible rewards program options.

Pros and Cons of Westgate Credit Card

  • No low introductory APR period
  • High standard APR
  • Limited cash-back reward categories
  • may only redeem Rewards for specific Westgate-related awards


  • Earn 50,000 points, which can be redeemed for $50 back on future purchases at Westgate Resorts after making three purchases within the first 180 days.
  • Earn 3% rewards on Westgate Rewards purchases and 1% rewards everywhere else.
  • $0 annual fee


Earning rewards:

The World of Westgate Credit Card earns 3% rewards on Westgate Rewards purchases and 1% rewards everywhere else. Rewards only expire if the account remains open.

The World of Westgate MasterCard has a welcome bonus: of 50,000 points, redeemable for $50 back on future purchases at Westgate resorts after making three purchases in the first 180 days.

Redeeming Rewards:

You may redeem rewards earned with the World of Westgate MasterCard toward transactions at suitable Westgate Resorts retail locations, online properties, or any redemption partner’s locations or properties. Eligible redemptions had been listed in the Imprint app.

Potential for prizes:

To determine the rewards potential of the World of Westgate MasterCard, we examine the bonus categories and calculate how much an American household can spend in those areas. 

Forbes Advisor uses data from many government agencies to determine baseline income and spending averages in multiple categories. Households in the 70th percentile of wages give away $107,908 annually, which we spend on.

We estimate that the average household in this percentile spends $32,072 a year with a credit card. Of this, we spent about $1,110 on hotels. Suppose all this hotel spending had been made with the World of Westgate MasterCard on resort purchases at Westgate Resorts. In that case, you could earn $33 in Cardholder Rewards for eligible Westgate Resort redemptions. 

Suppose the remaining total spends, or $30,962, is also spent using the World of Westgate Credit Card. In that case, a cardholder can earn an additional $309 in rewards for $342 in prizes for eligible redemptions with Westgate Resorts.

Should you apply for the Westgate Rewards MasterCard?

Overall, this Westgate Credit Card falls short compared to other traditional hotel credit cards: the earning potential could be more substantial, and the single redemption option available to cardholders could be more extensive in its use. 

The biggest disappointment is that there are virtually no cardholder benefits to enhance your on-site Westgate Resort experience or your chances of a complimentary hotel stay. 

However, what his card lacks in hotel rewards, it makes up for its ability to offer bonuses for timeshare ownership. Both current and prospective Westgate timeshare owners will find this card a convenient way to earn kickbacks by paying the fees and maintenance associated with a timeshare.

 Timeshare’s long-term commitment ensures that your $25 reward certificates will use and negates any worries about sinking their credit card rewards into a format they’ll never redeem. 

Plus, things like HOA fees and maintenance hadn’t been included in other purchase categories – making this card a perfect alternative for timeshare owners who don’t have a flat rate cash back card.

Suppose you’re not a timeshare owner (and don’t plan on becoming one anytime soon) but enjoy vacationing at Westgate resorts when you can. In that case, you should only consider this card if you stay at a Westgate location at least once every 18 months. 

But you don’t book reservations specifically at these resorts. In that case, you’re better off with a general-use travel card that offers more convenience and rewards where you stay at. 

How to Apply for Westgate Credit Card?

You can learn more about the World of Westgate MasterCard on the Westgate website, but you can’t apply there.

Pros and Cons of Westgate Credit Card

Instead, you’ll find a QR code to scan and a website you can visit on your phone. Both options will direct you to your phone’s app store to download an app called Imprint. Once it had downloaded, Printout will guide you through the application process.

Once approved, you’ll be issued a virtual card that you can use instantly through the app or by adding it to a digital wallet like Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Customer Service 

  • Westgate Rewards Mastercard Credit Card customer support phone number: 1-866-886-1013.
  • Customer support hours of operation: Monday-Saturday: 8:00 am-9:00 pm ET.


The postal address of Westgate Rewards Mastercard® Credit Card customer service or head office: is PO Box 182273, Columbus, Ohio 43218, USA.


How to become a Westgate WOW member?

You must download the Westgate Resorts mobile app, connect your account, and experience the magic! 

Is Westgate status sufficient?

StatusMatch had not affiliated with Westgate Resorts. 

How many rooms are there in Westgate?

2,956 hotel rooms 

What happens if you stop paying Westgate?

 Suppose you stop making payments on your timeshare loan. In that case, you will eventually face foreclosure because the timeshare is treated as real property, just like a residence (note that the other owners of the timeshare property will not be affected by your foreclosure interest).

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