How to Block UCO Bank ATM card?

You can block UCO Bank ATM cards online through SMS by calling customer care, using mobile banking applications, and visiting the branch. Here you can learn how to Block UCO Bank ATM Card.

Block UCO Bank ATM Card

In case of fraud, you can block UCO Bank Debit Card in just a few seconds or expose your ATM card details to unwanted people. This article will discuss all methods to stop your UCO Bank ATM card in a few seconds. 

How to Block UCO Bank ATM with or without Mbanking

You can block UCO Bank ATM cards in five ways: (Block stolen or lost cards instantly)

  • Through UCO Bank Mobile Banking Application.
  • By calling customer care.
  • UCO Bank blocks ATM cards through email
  • Stopping UCO ATM Card by visiting the bank
  • Via SMS from your toll-free number.

Let us discuss these methods one by one

Block UCO Bank ATM Card via Mobile Banking Application

Follow the steps below to block the UCO Bank card if the card is lost/stolen. You can block or close your ATM at UCO Bank without visiting the branch.

Block UCO Bank ATM Card
  • Login to your UCO Bank Mbanking application with login credentials 
  • And manage the card at the bottom left corner of your mobile screen on the homepage. 
  • In Manage Cards, you will find various choices, and to close the UCO Bank ATM card, you need to select the Debit Card Hotlist option. 
  • Wait until the following screen had displayed on your mobile.
  • Select the account number from the drop-down menu for which you want to close your UCO Bank ATM Card. 
  • Select the Reason for Blocking UCO Bank ATM Card from the drop-down menu. 
  • After filling in all the mandatory fields, click on Confirm to continue. 
  • Now, enter your Transfer PIN in the respective field and click OK. 
  • Please wait as your transaction had processed for UCO Bank ATM. 
  • Your UCO Bank ATM card has been blocked successfully.
By Calling Customer Care

UCO Bank ATM Block Number 18001030123

You can block the ATM card by calling the UCO Bank toll-free number; for this, you need to contact the toll-free number 18001030123 and follow the instructions.

UCO Bank blocks ATM cards through email

You can also list your card by emailing the bank’s official contact email. Provide all debit card and account number information. UCO Bank customers can submit an email to; after confirmation, their cards will block.

Blocking UCO ATM Card by visiting the bank

You can also apply to someone at the nearest United Commercial Bank office. The representatives will help you block your debit card and also make recommendations.

Block UCO Bank ATM via SMS

You can block your lost/stolen ATM card by sending a message from your registered mobile number in the given format.

SMS Format for ATM Block – HOT space and type the last four digits of your ATM card or HOT slot and enter 14 digits a/c number and send this to 9230192301 (UCO Bank ATM Block Number for SMS 9230192301)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I block my UCO Bank ATM card?

If your UCO Bank ATM card is lost or stolen, the cardholder should immediately block/hotlist their card to avoid any misuse for security reasons.

How can I suspend all UCO ATM card transactions?

If you want to suspend all transactions for your UCO ATM/Debit Card, you can do so using Mobile Banking or installing the UCO Secure program and turning on/off your ATM card online. 

Can I temporarily block my UCO Bank card?

Yes. You can block your UCO Bank Debit Card temporarily when you need to unblock it in future, and you can stop it permanently when required. 

How do I temporarily disable/uninstall my UCO ATM card?

To block or unblock your UCO Bank ATM card, use Mobile Banking or UCO Secure App.

If my phone number has yet to register with UCO Bank, what can I do if I want to block my debit card?

You will have to follow the offline procedure – you will have to go to UCO Bank with a bank representative who will walk you through blocking your ATM card. On the other hand, if you cannot physically visit the bank, you can also use the Internet or mobile banking options. But, to use these options, you must already be registered with any of those options.

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